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AIBU not sending wrong parcel back

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CornishCreation Tue 24-Sep-19 12:46:43

I bought a jumper on eBay and the seller sent me the wrong jumper and said she mixed the parcels up in error and would I send it to the correct buyer who will send on mine.
This sounds fair enough so I agreed, although I haven't received anything yet, however she sent me a pre-paid label via email, which I have no way of printing off as I don't own a printer which I told her but she told me the post office would do that for me, after taking a bus to the post office they wouldn't though saying it's only going to print proof of purchase not the label.

I don't have the car during the week as hubby uses it for work and I don't live in walking distance of the Library where I could possibly pay to have it printed and I have 3 pre-schoolers and hubby has the car and the label was sent Sunday night and it had to be posted by Tuesday.
I really don't need this stress and didn't ask for this parcel, nor have I received my item and probably won't as I can't get this back to her.
I have offered to post it if she sends a pre-paid label in the post or pays via PayPal for postage but she's ignoring me now obviously thinking I'm being difficult.
I just want to dump the stupid jumper I didn't ask for it am I being unreasonable just to not send it back it's not something I'd wear so it isn't that I want to keep it for myself I just don't need this.

TheJoxter Tue 24-Sep-19 14:56:44

I think you’ve posted it in the wrong section.

She is BU for not replying BUT YWBVU to not send it back. If she’s sent a prepaid label it means she’s already paid for the return postage, so to then post one or paypal you the money she would be paying double for it.

steppemum Tue 24-Sep-19 15:19:10

hmm, she sent a prepaid label to someone who can't print it hmm

you do need to send it back. But I would ask for refudn ont he jumoer you bought. Send it back when you are able to, tell her you are able to send it eg saturday and not before due to not having a printer.

It is her mistake, but it sounds like a genuine mistake and so I woudl send it

MrMeSeeks Tue 24-Sep-19 18:23:45

If shes sent a prepaid label thats her problem confused i don’t have a printer either. I’d open a case if she doesn’t respond ( and i rarely open them!)
It’s her mistake, not yours

TheRobinIsBobbingAlong Tue 24-Sep-19 18:36:43

Do not send the incorrect item to a third party. You'll open yourself up to all sorts of issues - they could claim it arrived damaged, or claim it never arrived at all. The only place you should send an incorrect item is back to the seller for refund or replacement. It is their responsibility to correct this. Don't get scammed OP!

steppemum Tue 24-Sep-19 19:43:45

Totally agreew with Robin, only send it back to the seller.

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