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what is the best baby blanket material?

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simone84 Mon 06-May-19 11:18:29

Hi all,
What do you think is the best material for a baby blanket?
I found this cashmere baby blanket which is 100% cashmere.
Cashmere is well known to be light, soft and warm at the same time. I am tempted.

saralola Tue 13-Aug-19 05:50:00

I used cotton. Nothing wrong with it! Cashmere is just more fancy but a waste of money in my opinion.

hormonesorDHbeingadick Tue 13-Aug-19 05:54:06

Cashmere and baby sick at time of lots of washing is an insane choice.

Wiltshirelass2019 Tue 13-Aug-19 05:55:21

You can’t put cashmere on a hot hygienic wash.

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