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Any Recommendations for good affordable reusable nappies ?

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emmagrace96 Sun 10-Mar-19 20:27:49

When I was pregnant with my first daughter my step-mum gave me tons of reusable nappies, everything included. I decided against the idea as i still lived with my mum, brother, boyfriend, myself obviously and a new baby, I didn't think we could handle the washing, and I gave them all to charity as they were all perfectly useable. I really regret getting rid of them but I didn't have room for them to just sit in a cupboard.

My daughter is now 18 months and I live in my own house, and I'm nearly 10 weeks with my second child, and i really want to give reusable nappies a go. I need recommendations of brands that are good and reliable but aren't too expensive, I know that they are an investment but I don't have too much money to spend. But now knowing how many nappies a baby actually goes through I know it will be cheaper and better for the environment to use reusable.

Does anyone have any good recommendations? Thanks in advance X

sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 10-Mar-19 21:04:14

the bambino mio ones are one size, so they go from birth to potty training x

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