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Buying second hand

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Waiting4Sprogo Sun 03-Mar-19 08:25:28

Hi everyone,

First time mum-to-be here. I went to Mothercare yesterday and found an ideal travel system (Joie Chrome - pram, carry cot, car seat and isofix base £420). Unfortunately, their deal has proven so popular that everyone has bought them and they’re currently out of stock. My husband has looked on a Facebook selling page and there are a few being sold second hand. I have no qualms about buying second hand only I don’t know what questions I should ask the seller? Obviously my biggest one is: ‘has the car seat been involved in a crash?’ Please could you suggest any obvious questions or things I should check with the travel system when looking later?

Thanks for your help smile

HJWT Thu 11-Apr-19 10:49:33

@Waiting4Sprogo I personally would not buy a second hand car seat buy if you want a second hand pram id only buy of a pram seller, iv had a few friends buy second hand prams and they break soon after baby comes.

saralola Tue 13-Aug-19 05:52:29

Look elsewhere for it, I'm sure other companies sell it too. If not then I'd just look for another set.

Pirc Tue 13-Aug-19 10:01:09

Whether they break or not would depend upon what you buy and the use or abuse they have had. If you do buy second hand always check the chassis, the wheels and the axles, this should be a good indication.

Why not check eBay, you will find some "stores" on there such as Baby Value (and many others) that are simply the warehouses that distribute their wares to major baby stores I used to work for the European distributor for a major brand, sometimes shipments come through from China, or wherever and the boxes are damaged, they are all Quality Checked and sold as new other.

I'm amazed that people are so frightened to buy second hand. You just need to be savvy about what you're buying. Having bought a pram-pushchair-carseat combination, my daughter found such poor quality, no suspension, the baby screamed in distress being pushed along the pavement. I bought a good coach-built pram for my grandson, it's up for grabs in another post, and he was asleep by the time we got to the end of the road, and it was still big enough for him to sleep in when he was approaching 2. And you can sell them on.

Unless you're going to be in and out of the car a vintage pram is a good bet they are well made and designed to carry all your shopping and your baby AND they have proper suspension and are weatherproof. The new fashionable pram ensembles are flimsy they're not designed to carry shopping, handles break, pushchairs topple over with baby in it if you put shopping bags on the handles and heaven forbid if you try going up steps with one . . .

On buying a second hand car seat, having quality checked hundreds of new ones the quality is generally very poor.
But I am a grandmother and when my children were small things were made to last.
The main considerations are:
Take the seat cover off, is there any damage to the plastic seat?
Is the polystyrene intact?
check the webbing straps and also the clip that adjusts the straps at the back.
Does the buckle work effectively?
If all these are fine why not save yourself £80-100?

If you watch the pennies the £'s will watch themselves.

Hope that helps

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