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Neighbours problem now our problem

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paige321 Tue 12-Feb-19 20:27:42

My neighbour wooden front door is "swollen" as she puts it and has to slam it (apparently) to close it.which her daughter can close it with out slamming.

She says her landlord won't do anything about it. Even though it's given her grief aswell. She owe him money so I don't think she's even ask him.
we have terrace house our doors are literally next to each other and is making my door drop and shake every time she slams it. With having a young baby it's quite annoying her shaming it all the time waking her up as she is in and out all the time day and night.
I have already told her that's it's waking my daughter up, but she still continues to slam. Iv got problems with my door (due to hers) and my landlord is sorting it.

And my landlord doesn't wanna get involved with her as she's a nutter (his words) lol. And he doesn't have the landlord number.

But I just wanted to know if there is any landlords on here that could give me advice. On what to do as she's not doing anything about it.
if I contact the landlord personally and say it's causing me problems that he might send someone to at least look at it. I don't wanna be cheeky or to be rude, he should be made aware of it from her. Might cause him problems in the long run for future tenants.

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