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Pointed Chocolate Drops for birthday cake

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Nansrus Fri 11-Jun-10 16:02:48

Does anyone know where I can buy the small chocolate drops with a point to them? They are to decorate our grandsons dinosaur birthday cake to make it look more realistic on the top edge.

grumpypants Fri 11-Jun-10 16:04:31

just in the baking section of the supermarket (dark or milk or white)

Nansrus Fri 11-Jun-10 16:06:42

Thanks but which Supermarket I have looked in Waitrose and Tesco, but no luck.

grumpypants Fri 11-Jun-10 16:19:50

Really? Baking aisle where they have candles, cake ingredients etc, like dried fruit/shredded coconut. The brand I use is called Supercook (cream adn red packaging) but Asda do their own brand 'chocolate drops for baking'

co-op ones are pointed. Or ones I get in the co-op are, can't rememebr if they're co-op brand or Supercook ones.

Nansrus Fri 11-Jun-10 17:08:08

Thanks I will go to the Co-op.

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