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Can you make a risotto without onions?

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oxcat1 Fri 05-Mar-10 19:48:01

Have got some yummy stock from a roast chicken and some fresh veg that needs eating and was going to knock up a quick risotto for friends coming round at 9pm.

Now discovered - no onions!
Can I make a risotto without onions, and if so, how?! Or is it time for a radical rethink?


GrimmaTheNome Fri 05-Mar-10 19:56:26

I'd have thought if you've got enough other tasty stuff it'd be OK without onions.Got any garlic? Leeks?

oxcat1 Fri 05-Mar-10 19:58:10

Plenty of garlic, but no leeks.

Usually I fry off the onions, then add the rice until it has started to turn clear, add a splash of vermouth and then get going with the stock.

Not sure how to begin wihtout onions?

JackBauer Fri 05-Mar-10 20:24:24

I make loads of stuff without onions as DH doesn't like them. It will taste fine, just less of onions than normal.
order wise I do oil, garlic, chicken, mushrooms and leeks, then rice and stock with other veg.

ThePinkOne Fri 05-Mar-10 22:10:02


smupcakes Sat 06-Mar-10 00:17:58

I'd just do as usual, with the rice in just after the garlic. Could do the chicken before the rice but tbh I think the texture is nicer if you poach it and then shred it, adding it at the end.

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