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food ideas for thermos food flask - please

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Ivykaty44 Sat 13-Feb-10 15:00:45

Any bright ideas for thermos food flask, apart from soup smile all ideas welcome and will be eaten by none fussy 11 year old and me for lunches at school and work grin

dd doesn't eat mushrooms, leeks. But loves fish, rice, eggs etc

ChristianaTheTwelfth Sat 13-Feb-10 15:06:25

Message withdrawn

ChristianaTheTwelfth Sat 13-Feb-10 15:07:49

Message withdrawn

overmydeadbody Sat 13-Feb-10 15:09:36


stir fry with noodles or rice or pasta

usual spag bol, pasta sauces etc

chilli con carne and rice

any casserole or stew with potatoes or rice

any curry

Goulash and tagliatelle

Basically the sky's your limit, loads of stuff!!!!!!

Amapoleon Sat 13-Feb-10 15:10:59

A lot of kids at my dd's school take ratatouille. [sp]

Ivykaty44 Sat 13-Feb-10 15:11:54

ooo like the thoughts of haddock chowder - smoked haddock is her fav fish smile

coconut rice with omelette strips (prawn crackers and cucumber sticks on the side)

thisone - also liking as dd loves prawn crackers and cucumber - have you got a recipe for cocunut rice - please? or some idea where to look?

I think the tomato sauce and pasta would go down well - do you think the meat balls would hold there heat?

four hours from popping in pot (I always put a little boiling water in to heat pot and leave a little water in the bottom to keep the food wrm)

Ivykaty44 Sat 13-Feb-10 15:13:38

I like the idea of curry - I wonder if it would work if I put cous cous in the bottom?

i worry about rice and food poisoning... worked in catering to long and it bothers me..

ChristianaTheTwelfth Sat 13-Feb-10 15:19:00

Message withdrawn

ChristianaTheTwelfth Sat 13-Feb-10 15:21:19

Message withdrawn

Ivykaty44 Sat 13-Feb-10 15:26:31

The idea is that we eat in the evening - the following morning I put the other two portions in the flask, me a tupperware as we have a microwave at work, therefroe cooking once and eating twice smile

But only on Monday and tueday night as I don't work past Thursday lunch time and it would make a change for dd2 than having sandwiches all week

off to look at the chicken and cous cous dish smile

ChristianaTheTwelfth Sat 13-Feb-10 16:48:47

Message withdrawn

Ivykaty44 Sat 13-Feb-10 19:52:19

she has had capper in fish cakes- not sure if she would??

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