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Jamie Olivers Pavlova from Cook with Jamie book

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flier Tue 05-Jan-10 11:50:15

Does anyone have this recipe?
SIL made it for us when we visited and it was absolutely to die for. It has lemon rind in the pavlova and my mouth is watering just typying about it!
I want to make it for a dinner party this weekend but I know that I won't get the recipe book in time if I order it today. sad

Could anyone please post this recipe for me? Can't find it online anywhere.

flier Tue 05-Jan-10 13:00:07


StirlingInDaSnowDrift Tue 05-Jan-10 18:20:08

If you can wait for an hour or so, I can type it out for you - just about to have dinner smile

flier Tue 05-Jan-10 18:21:10

that would be fab! thank you so much.

StirlingInDaSnowDrift Tue 05-Jan-10 19:20:53

The only pavlova recipe in Jamie's Cook book is the Coconut, Banana and Passion Fruit Pavlova - it has lime zest in it (maybe sil used lemon instead). Here is the recipe...

6 large free range eggs
300g caster sugar
pinch of salt.

Make the meringue as normal but fold in the juice of half a lime and 30g dessicated coconut. Divide the mixture between 2 baking trays and bake at 150/300/gas 2 for 45 mins.

Whip 285ml dbl cream with 1 tbsp caster sugar until it forms soft peaks. Fold in the zest of one lime. Spoon cream on one half of the meringue with 2 sliced bananas and the insides of 2 passion fruits. Put other meringue on top and sprinkle with a little bit of lime zest and coconut shavings.

And serve (or it it all yourself grin)

flier Tue 05-Jan-10 19:27:46

hmm, slightly different from what we had, but I will try it out at the weekend.

Thank you so much smile

StirlingInDaSnowDrift Tue 05-Jan-10 21:23:23

Mybe the lemon one is in another Jamie book - I shall take a look - I have a few of them!

flier Tue 05-Jan-10 22:42:33

thanks stirling smile

StirlingInDaSnowDrift Wed 06-Jan-10 16:49:44

Hi - I have been through all my recipe books (a selection of mainly Jamie, Nigella and Nigel) and can find no other pavlova recipes - sorry.


flier Thu 07-Jan-10 08:45:17

Thanks for doing that Stirling. I am really grateful for you posting the recipe you did, though, as I will definitely not get my book in time for the weekend, as the highlands of scoland are virtually cut off at the mo as the A9 seems to be permanently blocked and the trains are also blocked at carrbridge. everything seem to be having to come via aberdeen.

StirlingInDaSnowDrift Thu 07-Jan-10 18:14:49

Oh no - I think that we are just far enough south to be out of the really bad weather although we have had enough snow to last the next 10 years smile

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