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How long to defrost a goose?

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StayingSantasGirl Tue 22-Dec-09 13:28:38

We've read the packaging on our frozen goose, and it reckons to need less than 24 hours to defrost - but this seems very short to me.

So how long do the wise mumsnetters think I should give it? I need to be able to stuff it on the morning of Christmas Eve.

Thankyou, in advance.

silverwoodhelpdesk Tue 22-Dec-09 14:15:08

It depends on the size of your goose (obviously) but it is the inside that will defrost last. As this is where you will shove your hand when stuffing, it needs to be warm and supple. If it is still frozen you could scuff your knuckles and, as with all poultry, there is a chance of infection.

I should start defrosting now, but probably in a cool room rather than a hot kitchen so as to give your bird more time to warm up. As a man, I could make some smutty remarks, but I won't!

Seona1973 Tue 22-Dec-09 15:59:37

I'd maybe start defrosing now but do it in the fridge rather than on a worktop.

WinkyWinkola Tue 22-Dec-09 16:01:07

How are you doing your goose, StayingSantasGirl?

StayingSantasGirl Tue 22-Dec-09 16:06:11

Roasted, with sage, onion and lemon stuffing in the neck end, plus lemon in the cavity, with gravy (made from a duck carcass), spicy apple sauce and bread sauce (because I love bread sauce). I was going to do spiced red cabbage, but I realise now that I don't actually have a red cabbage, so that might be a bit difficult. blush

Seona1973 Tue 22-Dec-09 16:06:27

the food standards agency gives this general guide (for turkey) but as it is based on weight then it should give an idea on how long goose would take too.

•In a fridge at 4ºC (39ºF), allow about 10 to 12 hours per kg, but remember not all fridges will be this temperature.
•In a cool room (below 17.5ºC, 64ºF) allow approximately 3 to 4 hours per kg, longer if the room is particularly cold.
•At room temperature (about 20ºC, 68ºF) allow approximately 2 hours per kg

StayingSantasGirl Tue 22-Dec-09 16:08:00

And Seona - I definitely won't be defrosting the goose on the worktop - we have a 7 month old labrador puppy, who would steal it and eat it all!! I'll have to find somewhere high up for it to go - or it will go the same way as the croissants dh bought us for breakfast this morning - he only turned his back for a moment and she'd made off with the opened packet and eaten the lot!!

Seona1973 Tue 22-Dec-09 16:13:39

sounds like my mums dog - he has been known to eat full packs of butter, socks and anything else you may have lying about!!

StayingSantasGirl Tue 22-Dec-09 16:14:59

Oh yes - full packs of butter, rum and raisin doughnuts, a slice of profiterole cake, crisps, socks, her own poo - the list goes on and on!!! grin

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