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Accompaniment to Thai green curry?

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notamumyetbutoneday Tue 20-Oct-09 09:02:10

Hi all

Cooking thai green chicken curry for friends tomorrow night. its quite casual, no starter as such, I was just going to buy some spring rolls and serve with chilli sauce.

I was just wondering what to serve as an accompaniment to the main course? Ill be doing rice, im just thinking that if I was doing an Indian curry, I would serve naan bread as well. Is there a Thai equivalent [uncultured emoticon] to naan bread, as it were?

Thanks in advance,

SCARYspicemonster Tue 20-Oct-09 09:03:47

Not really. I think that's fine

ChopsTheDuck Tue 20-Oct-09 09:10:23

not bread really. Salad maybe?

Though really, what you have said is fine by itself.

notamumyetbutoneday Tue 20-Oct-09 09:10:57

So you think rice on its own would be ok? Thats what I do when its just me and DH but when we are cooking for friends I am gripped with a bizarre urge to buy, prepare and cook a ridiculous amount of food.

SCARYspicemonster Tue 20-Oct-09 09:15:19

I think that's fine honestly. Or what you could do is do another smaller dish - like thai beef salad or som tam which is a green mango chili salad and have either of those on the side. Som tam is delicious but it's not very easy to find the ingredients

HappyBump Tue 20-Oct-09 09:21:18

Some stir fried vegetables (carrot, mushrooms, corn, broccoli, etc.) with garlic would be an nice easy option too.

for the sauce/flavouring you could use

1 tbls soy sauce
1 tbls oyster sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
pinch of pepper powder
1/4 cup of water/chicken stock mixed with a tsp of cornflour

chilli, etc optional

Seona1973 Tue 20-Oct-09 10:35:55

you could have thai crackers too (like prawn crackers but thai style)

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Tue 20-Oct-09 10:40:45

Don't they sometimes have coconut or jasmine rice in Thai restaurants?

Don't want to complicate things further as the other ideas sound delish, but if you want to --exhaust yourself-- push the boat out it might be worth looking for a recipe.

Lilymaid Tue 20-Oct-09 10:40:47

I have an old recipe card from Sainsbury's for Thai Green Curry that suggests a salad made of watercress, cucumber and pine nuts - with dressing. I haven't made it for years, but it was very good.

notamumyetbutoneday Tue 20-Oct-09 11:06:04

Thank you all! Those salad ideas sound lovely. the couple who are coming over are fussy buggers dont eat much in the way of veg (the thai curry is something of a risk as is hmm) so as suggested I think i will go jasmine rice for somethign a bit different and leave it at that.

betjam Thu 02-Feb-12 13:29:25

i've been told that Aubergine is a vital part of greeen thai curry! i am new at this cooking lark and only just starting to take an interest so am very much an ameteur and tried looking on the internet as best way to cook and incorporate this in the dish but it all seems too technical, wrap it in paper towel, soak for days and brush in salt and leave! ! is all this really neccesary? or does anyone have ideas as other vegetables i could incorporate in the dish as well as or instead of aubergine

Many thanks

Hopstheduck Thu 02-Feb-12 13:37:59

Tilda jasmine rice is really good. The dried stuff, rather than microwaveable.

Northey Thu 02-Feb-12 14:02:16

Just leave it out!

For a side dish, I quite like some pak choi, boiled/steamed for a couple of minutes, then with finely shredded pickled ginger scattered on and a bit of sesame oil dribbled over. May not be massively authentic, but it's a nice accompaniment. Or you could substitute sprouting broccoli or French beans.

Flatbread Fri 03-Feb-12 14:09:51

You could do a noodle dish as well?

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