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What shall I have for tea tonight?

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lucysmam Fri 27-Mar-09 16:49:21

Had a shite day (money troubles sad), can't be arsed to cook really (but I will because we have no spare £££'s for takeaway), any suggestions for something tasty that might cheer me up?

sarah293 Fri 27-Mar-09 16:50:47

Message withdrawn

StirlingTheStrong Fri 27-Mar-09 17:02:32

Have you made dhal before? It is really tasty and cheap, just need an onion, some curry paste and some lentils and potatoes. Can get a full recipe if you have the ingredients smile

sarah293 Fri 27-Mar-09 17:03:55

Message withdrawn

PuppyMonkey Fri 27-Mar-09 17:05:01

I'm having sausage and mash. Yum.

sarah293 Fri 27-Mar-09 17:06:19

Message withdrawn

StirlingTheStrong Fri 27-Mar-09 17:06:26

It probably is too healthy, but it is tasty, and it is probably what we are having tonight. H doesn't want it, but he isn't cooking grin

sarah293 Fri 27-Mar-09 17:08:48

Message withdrawn

StirlingTheStrong Fri 27-Mar-09 17:21:07

I just use Delia's recipe - It probably doesn't taste anything like a takeaway!

Juwesm Fri 27-Mar-09 17:27:31

I want egg n chips! With runny egg and real chips!

Cies Fri 27-Mar-09 17:35:12

Have you got eggs and potatoes? Some onions or leeks? Any ham or bacon or salami? You could make what we call "broken eggs". Fry your potatoes, add the leeks or onions, fry till soft. Drain off excess oil, add your ham or bacon and fry for a couple of minutes. Then break a couple of eggs in and mix them around. YUM!

sarah293 Fri 27-Mar-09 18:25:18

Message withdrawn

lucysmam Fri 27-Mar-09 18:58:31

I gave up, oh has gone to the chippy instead! Nothing in the fridge or freezer even vaguely inspired me . . . . apart from the tub of ice-cream & the lo's choccy

Although, dahl would have been good if I'd realised I had lentils in the cupboard

duckyfuzz Fri 27-Mar-09 19:05:22

we're having fish and chips too, was going to do curry but DTs wanted pasta/pesto and neither of us fancied it...

lucysmam Fri 27-Mar-09 19:42:39

There's nothing we needed out of what we had, so treating ourselves after today was nice. First take-away in ages . . . .could have eaten more if it had been there!

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