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Can I cook a fish pie with the fish raw in the pie?

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shinyshoes Wed 11-Mar-09 19:27:38

If that makes sense. hmm

I am on a 12 hour shift tomorrow and like thse children to eat properly when I'm not here.

I have taken some frozen salmon, mixed seafood and frozen cod out of the freezer and assembled it in the pie dish.

Tomorrow at 8.00am (the fish will be defrosted) I will put in the eggs. I will then pour on double cream and add the (already cooked) mash.

So, my question is, obviously I won't be cooking all the fish in the morning in milk, this will just be in the dish raw ready for the cooked ingredients to go on top. When hubby puts it in the oven tomorrow night the fish will be raw but I will leave stict instructions for him to cook it for 30 minutes so I know the fish will be cooked.

Does it matter it's not cooked before going in the pie??


Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 11-Mar-09 19:29:21

Yes, it will be fine as long as it's cooked through by the time they eat it. IIRC the new Jamie book has a fish pie recipe where you don't precook the fish.

tinierclanger Wed 11-Mar-09 19:30:39

Yes you can! That's how the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food recipe works. No milk or anything in that one thpugh, just cheese and grated veg, cooked for 40 mins.

Nontoxic Wed 11-Mar-09 19:32:01

Never done it that way - but I'd think it would take longer than 30 mins to make sure the fish was cooked. And you'll get liquid from the fish .
Can you microwave it quickly before you leave?

wiggletastic Wed 11-Mar-09 19:32:37

Yes, the fish pie I am cooking tonight with fish pie mix from Tesco has a recipe on the back where you don't cook the fish first. I usually use Rick Stein's recipe but this one seems quicker and easier.

Tinker Wed 11-Mar-09 19:32:37

I've never cooked it first, didn't realise you could blush I do JO's version as well

Thankyouandgoodnight Thu 12-Mar-09 14:59:27

ooooh - is the JO recipe one quick to type up and if so would anyone mind passing it on??????

Tinker Thu 12-Mar-09 20:13:32

My JO one is out of Naked Chef not Ministry of Food book

Put fish of choice in a dish. Place spinach on top (fresh or frozen). Place a couple of hardish boiled eggs on as well (Cut in half)

Make a sauce of softened onions and carrots. Add a tub of double cream, juice of a lemon, a teaspoon of English mustard, s & p, chopped parsley. Pour over fish.

Cover with seasoned mash

Cook at gas 6(think) for about 40 mins.

Eat. Love

HelpwithNameNeeded Thu 12-Mar-09 20:21:00


Preheat oven to 200/400/gas6

Grate 150g cheese, 1 celery stick and 1 carrot into dish.
Finely grate the lemon zest
Chop or grate chili
Chop parsley stalks and add them
Add 300g salmon, 300g haddock and 125g king prawns (peeled) into dish
Squeeze over lemon juice
Season and add olive oil
Add spinach and quartered tomatoes (optional)
Cover with mash

Cook for 40 mins.

Easiest fish pie recipe I've used, and tasty

mrsmaidamess Thu 12-Mar-09 20:22:07

The Jamie one is fish pie and easiest I've ever made. No white sauce to contend with...bliss!

mrsmaidamess Thu 12-Mar-09 20:22:59

I bunged a bit of creme fraiche in mine to.

georgimama Thu 12-Mar-09 20:23:16

The Naked Chef one is even more yummy if you use frozen peas instead of spinach - the spinach makes it go a bit watery IMHO.

georgimama Thu 12-Mar-09 20:24:23

Actually OP, your recipe is almost identical to the NC one except that you don't make a "sauce" out of the cream with some mustard, you just pour it on.

What you said will be fine.

Thankyouandgoodnight Thu 12-Mar-09 20:38:25

ooooooooooh delish - thank you!!!!!!

verylapsedrunner Thu 12-Mar-09 20:49:32

Never thought of doing it that way but makes perfect sensegrin

wiggletastic Fri 13-Mar-09 07:48:21

Excellent, two more fish pie recipes to try. Actually, the one I made using the recipe on the back of the Tesco fish pie mix packet turned out the best so far. Although I did change it a bit, left out the wine and put in a little mustard. Unfortunately I have thrown the packet out and the bin-men have been! sad Will just have to buy it again.

tinsg Wed 10-Feb-10 16:25:20


I also made this recipe using bottom of pack, however they don't seem to have it on the packs anymore and I was wondering if you had it. Loved that pie!!

TheFoosa Wed 10-Feb-10 16:35:27

The JO recipe with the eggs is the best one

although the grated cheese/veg/no white sauce one also comes out well

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