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How much buttercream frosting do I need for 12 cupcakes?

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ChampagneAndStrawberries Sat 14-Feb-09 17:42:25

I am very bad with quantities and don't want to end up with a fridgeful of buttercream or a miserly scraping on top of each cake. And I haven't hitherto been a great cupcake baker so I can't remember from last time I made them... blush

But I know that MN knows everything... grin

TheRealStig Sat 14-Feb-09 17:45:33

I have no idea of quantities - about 4 oz of butter I reckon and then enough icing sugar till it's the consistency you like

I normally make twice the amount as each cake requires at least one spoon for dcs and me. Just to make sure the taste is right of course.

ChampagneAndStrawberries Sat 14-Feb-09 17:47:20

Marvellous, thanks. I'll go with that (I do remember that I normally end up with about equal quantities of sugar and butter)

dietstartstomorrow Sat 14-Feb-09 17:52:08

3oz Butter
6oz Icing Sugar

Should be perfect, I made 12 butterfly cakes this week with this amount.

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