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What do you serve with goose for xmas dinner?

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beansmum Sun 14-Dec-08 20:50:23

I was just going to go for apple sauce, gravy, red cabbage and roast veg but my sister is complaining about the lack of stuffing, bread sauce, the usual xmas things...

I think she is weird but I could be wrong. Do I need to do anything else or have I planned enough? Also, would you be unhappy if you didn't get wine? I would rather have cider but by the time we have non-alcoholic drinks as well it seems a bit excessive to buy both, especially if we are having something else with/after pud.

MissisBoot Sun 14-Dec-08 20:52:40

I wouldn't worry about stuffing etc, but would definitely prefer wine rather than cider - won't people bring a bottle if they are being invited over for xmas dinner?

TackyChristmasLights Sun 14-Dec-08 20:57:52

DH is the expert on cooking Xmas dinner here and he says that the apple sauce is right as you need something sharp to cut through the fatty taste of the goose. Roast veg sounds lovely and simple too.

Is your goose big enough for the people you are serving as know they don't go ver far?

DH suggests mulled cider?

beansmum Sun 14-Dec-08 21:02:17

It's just family, nobody will bring anything! I'll order more wine. I had ordered some for the rest of the week and new year but I've planned ridiculously carefully and there isn't really a spare bottle.

I think the goose should be big enough, ds wont eat so it's just 4 adults and a 4-5kg goose. I hope, my mum was in charge of ordering it.

beansmum Sun 14-Dec-08 21:04:13

I'm not sure that's right actually, that sounds like a lot of bird. We do want leftovers though.

MissisBoot Sun 14-Dec-08 21:05:29

Cheeky buggers - I take a bottle when I'm going to my mums and would tell ask them to bring a bottle if you're the one hosting xmas dinner!

beansmum Sun 14-Dec-08 21:07:45

I'm not really hosting, just cooking. We'll be at my parents but nobody else can cook (or shop, even though they live 10mins from a supermarket).

BreevandercampLGJ Sun 14-Dec-08 21:11:29

There is nothing spare on goose, so it may seem to be a mad size but it won't be.

I would quite happily go with goose, and different vegetables on Christmas Day, but I draw the line at Zider or even mulled Zider.


TackyChristmasLights Sun 14-Dec-08 21:12:06

Can't remember what size bird we had a few years ago (goose) but I was quite surprised how little meat there was on it. Really lovely but not alot of leftovers.

We are doing goose again this year too and have also bought a 3 bird roast from Aldi to back up the goose.

But then there will be 6 adults and 4 kids round our place!

chatname Wed 17-Dec-08 13:00:57

A 3 bird roast? From Aldi? How much was it??!!!

ChopsTheDuck Wed 17-Dec-08 13:05:13

here looks interesting.

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