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Lunch Boxes without Bread or Dairy...Inspire Me Please

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yawningmonster Wed 12-Nov-08 07:48:36

Ds can now have both gluten and dairy since being cleared at 2yrs old. Unfortunately he has never really taken to them and sandwiches get left well alone and he won't touch cheese. He will eat yoghurt but only 1 or 2 in a week, it is definately not his favourite. He drinks soy milk happily. So any way lunch box ideas the following in various combinations but am feeling very much in a rut.

Diced cucumber, tomato, ham
Carrot sticks
Crackers and dip/hummus
Fruit bar
Fresh fruit (will eat almost everything)
Canned fruit
Dried fruit
Occasional yoghurt
Corn cob
Cold meat
Meatballs and dippy sauce
Mini spring rolls
Mini corn fritters
Muffin (will often not eat this as it is too bready)

thats all I can think of for now...please give me some more ideas

Tigerschick Wed 12-Nov-08 07:53:05

Cold pasta/rice/cous cous??
Will he eat pitas or tortilla wraps?

yawningmonster Wed 12-Nov-08 07:57:31

thanks tigerschick he does like rice so could do that especially with a few veges mixed in, he would love it. He doesn't like any of the others you mention unfortunately which I put down to him not having them until he was older as most things he is great at eating.

Tigerschick Wed 12-Nov-08 08:00:01

Oh well, one out of 5 ain't bad grin
I'll keep thinking ...

yawningmonster Wed 12-Nov-08 08:23:49

any other ideas anyone??? Does humble bow of gratitude to Tigerschick for answering.

yawningmonster Wed 12-Nov-08 08:45:39


BecauseImWorthIt Wed 12-Nov-08 08:49:09

DS2 has a flask so that he can have hot food, as he gets bored with sandwiches every day. I usually give him whatever was leftover from dinner the night before!

yawningmonster Wed 12-Nov-08 08:52:48

ooh good idea, yes he would love soup etc. Could I put baked beans in do you think as he would eat these well. Also just remembered I do put a boiled egg in his lunch at times...has been a while so I could do this.

TooTicky Wed 12-Nov-08 08:55:42


yawningmonster Wed 12-Nov-08 09:00:59

Actually tootricky I have never made them. We are in NZ and I don't think they are made over here much. Do you have a recipe at all please, definately worth a try. Also do you put anything on them eg spread etc

littleducks Wed 12-Nov-08 09:06:08

you might need to put an ice pack in about how about a fritatta (sp?) kinf of thing with potatoes in to make more filling?

AussieSim Wed 12-Nov-08 09:06:20

Sushi! Mine loves it with tuna and cucumber or tuna and avocado. Easy to pack, easy to handle. Over here you can buy sushi kits in the supermarket with the basics in it to get you started. As a family we have sushi for lunch or dinner 1 to 2 times a week. Very affordable and healthy meal. We are not japanese, but it has helped with DS1 that he has quite a few japanese children in his class and DS2 will have a go at whatever DS1 is having.

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 12-Nov-08 09:07:40

No reason why you couldn't put beans in there. Just don't forget to pack a spoon as well!

yawningmonster Wed 12-Nov-08 09:09:57

aussiesim ds would be in second heaven if I put in sushi, brilliant idea. Also frittata worth a go thanks littleducks...he is usually pretty good with eggy things so have made me think mini quiches and french toast will be good, he will eat french toast fairly reliably.

tealady Wed 12-Nov-08 09:10:53

Crackers and cheese

cmotdibbler Wed 12-Nov-08 09:11:00

I often make a rice salad with cooked chicken bits and some veggies, or tuna/mayo/sweetcorn. If you feel adventurous, then its pretty easy to make sushi rolls with avacado/tuna mayo/carrot sticks/chicken mayo in them, and they just feel more exciting.

I quite like doing lettuce wraps with cold meat in them, or cottage cheese and sweet chilli sauce.

Frittata ? Edamame ? Chilli/curry/casserole/baked beans and sausages in the flask

Cold new potatoes can go with loads of things

yawningmonster Wed 12-Nov-08 09:15:00

Loving these, some great ideas. Tealady thanks he will eat crackers but the cheese is a no go area. Definately trying rice salady thing and sushi. Like idea of using lettuce as wrapping agent in place of bread and also potatos...could do potato salad as he will eat this well. thank you I knew we were in a rut and these ideas have got me all excited about doing his lunch.

Thankyouandgoodnight Wed 12-Nov-08 13:13:09

Yummy potato salad with tiny new potatoes and chives?

Get a large flour tortilla, cut in to triangles and bake until crispy (homemade crsips) - serve with humous / salsa etc

Thankyouandgoodnight Wed 12-Nov-08 13:14:14

oops sorry didn't read your post properly blush

PeachyAndTheSucklingBas Wed 12-Nov-08 13:23:28

wont he have soy yoghutrt then? I thnk its nicer than normal anyhow (Alpro)

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