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Is there a difference between plain and dark chocolate?

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KatyMac Sat 22-Mar-08 17:30:14

DD says yes
I say no

Please adjudicate


StripeyMama Sat 22-Mar-08 17:31:32


suzywong Sat 22-Mar-08 17:31:33

the answer is no, they are both adjectives pertaining to chocolate containing cocoa solids/mass of 40% or more

lissielouwithbunnyears Sat 22-Mar-08 17:31:39

massive difference. plain is yummy, milk is not. milk is sweeter, plain has a much higher cocoa content

KatyMac Sat 22-Mar-08 17:34:11

Oh Suzy - DD is baking you brownies (for the first time)

Any expert hints or tips for her?

I am sitting in the lounge on MN dreading what the kitchen will look like

suzywong Sat 22-Mar-08 17:35:31

observe the cracked puddle of mud effect, do not let them go too spongy

good luck small katymac child

and take all the credit, lap it up as you hand the plate round

KatyMac Sat 22-Mar-08 17:39:22

We are struggling with assembling/weighing the ingredients atm - each one has to be discussed/debated and cogitated - I doubt we will ever get to the baking stage - she goes to bed at 7:30

We were thinking of giving you the credit/blame depending upon how it turns out

suzywong Sat 22-Mar-08 17:41:17

you mean you will say that horrid lady off the interweb ruined Easter

Mercy Sat 22-Mar-08 17:42:49

Plain and dark are the same (I've noticed dark is becoming the preferred word these days)

Milk chocolate is different.

KatyMac Sat 22-Mar-08 17:44:05

Milk chocolate shouldn't be called chocolate - it's just stuff

KatyMac Sat 22-Mar-08 17:44:35

Sorry meant to say "SW - yes that's it exactly"

KatyMac Sat 22-Mar-08 21:00:16

OK it just came out the oven & MUD is very much the description

It's not sweet enough (70%)

Oh dear

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