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High Calorie meals/snacks for 2 year old???

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chel86 Wed 27-Feb-08 16:15:37

Hi there,

I look after a 2 year old who is very much on the small side and whose dietitian has advised needs lots of calories. The advice that the mother has been given is foods such as crisps etc. Both the mother and I are a bit concerned about the amount of salt he is eating each day with the foods the dietitian has told her and I was wondering if anyone one could give me some examples of and snacks really for mornings and afternoon which are high in calories, but not with all the other rubbish that you get with pre-packed stuff.

Bluestocking Wed 27-Feb-08 16:28:02

As long as he can eat nuts, try him on nut butters; peanut, almond, hazelnut, cashew. The health food versions have no added sugar or salt and they are hugely fattening!

shrooms Wed 27-Feb-08 22:58:15

Hummus and avacado sandwiches, olive oil and bread, olive oil in pasta with pesto or tomatoes, flax oil added to porridge with dried fruit.

Dried fruit on itself or with some dry cereal/nuts makes a good snack.

Mash with added oil and butter beans in it for extra protein

Beans in general are high protein and carry fats well!

Smoothies with loads of fruit ect.

High caloried granola cereals with raisins, almonds ect.

Hope that helps. All these things are healthy and keep my weight up grin

moondog Wed 27-Feb-08 22:58:58


LadyOfWaffle Wed 27-Feb-08 23:00:44

sandwiches with cheese, anything I guess with cheese, whole milk (add to potatoes etc), add grated cheese to potatoes, bananas (I think)

BigBadMouse Wed 27-Feb-08 23:02:23

I built my DD2 up with avocado and cream cheese dips / sandwiches etc - she loved it and she piled the weight on.

Crsips shock!!!

Good for you for remembering about the high salt issue

DaphneHarvey Wed 27-Feb-08 23:04:28

Whole milk creamy yogurts.

Dried apricots.


Bread butter and jam.

Malt loaf.

Home made flapjacks.

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 27-Feb-08 23:14:24

Pasta with cream sauces (mix a beaten egg with some cream and grated parmesan, and stir into cooked pasta over low heat for a couple of mins - can add bacon or mushrooms too if they like them).

Scrambled eggs made with cream, on toast.

Use white bread/pasta rather than wholewheat, so that it is less filling and they can manage more.

Any dried fruit for snacks.

west3 Thu 28-Feb-08 09:49:31

Scones with butter and jam
Pancakes with butter and jam
Cheese scones with butter
Cheese straws
Fruit Toast with butter
Toasted brioche
Toasting Waffles
Chopped Veg and Dips
Bread Sticks and Dips
Fruit Pieces with whipped up philli or mascapone as a dip
French Toast/Eggy Bread

FairyFay Thu 28-Feb-08 10:04:15

My DD has a similar problem. I add a good slug of olive oil to her pasta, couscous and rice to add some extra calories.

She also loves philly cheese with bread sticks.

How about those Organix crispy snacks? Are they high in calories like crisps but with lower salt?

Advocados are good too, either as they are as part of her meal, or made into a creamy dip.

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