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what was your mums SNAZZIEST recipe when you were little

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FluffyMummy123 Thu 10-Jan-08 13:47:25

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Thu 10-Jan-08 13:48:27

Message withdrawn

Saturn74 Thu 10-Jan-08 13:48:40

Special fried rice on a Saturday night whilst watching 'Seaside Special'.
We was right posh! grin

FluffyMummy123 Thu 10-Jan-08 13:49:12

Message withdrawn

southeastastra Thu 10-Jan-08 13:49:15

chicken chasseur was about as exotic as it got

Tutter Thu 10-Jan-08 13:49:24


my mum's 'curry'

mince + apple + curry powder + sultanas

Slouchy Thu 10-Jan-08 13:49:27

Curry. left over roast chicken, sharwoods curry powder (in blue pplastic pot IIRC), onion, boiled rice.Chopped banana on top.

Scramble Thu 10-Jan-08 13:49:29

Chicken Supreme. Well posh chicken in a white sauce.

FluffyMummy123 Thu 10-Jan-08 13:50:03

Message withdrawn

Slouchy Thu 10-Jan-08 13:50:08

oooh yes, tutter. Sultanas. Forgot those.

Mercy Thu 10-Jan-08 13:50:27

I was going to say chilli too! Also curry (my dad made it)

FluffyMummy123 Thu 10-Jan-08 13:50:37

Message withdrawn

yaddayah Thu 10-Jan-08 13:50:38

Curried shepherds pie (the mash turned orange)
Fond memories of pineapple in chicken curry as well.

numptysmummy Thu 10-Jan-08 13:51:30

Sweet macaroni pudding. Nice actually.

poshwellies Thu 10-Jan-08 13:51:32

Bolognese with those posh pasta shells
(early 80's)

LoveAngel Thu 10-Jan-08 13:51:45

Gammon with pineapple rings.

Lamb kofta / lemon & coriander chicken, from Madhur Jaffrey's cookbook.

Spag carbonara

FluffyMummy123 Thu 10-Jan-08 13:51:50

Message withdrawn

OrmIrian Thu 10-Jan-08 13:52:07

Mum did lots of posh stuff. For parties. Seriously complicated things. And gorgeous puddings. And she made her own mayo which I think is above and beyond.

But generally I think that curry and spag bol were probably it.

Scramble Thu 10-Jan-08 13:52:23

Lasagne but don't know if itwas as far back as the 70's

Curry yes with the sultanas.

Sweet and sour chicken no jars, proper homemade. Again poss the 80's

Mum was a school dinner cook.

Carmenere Thu 10-Jan-08 13:52:24

My dad spent his early twenties in a seminary in califrnia in the 50's so he had a lifelong devotion to mexican and american food. He would spend hours buying, roasting and blending spices(in my mums coffee grinder lol) to make enchiladas and burritos and we would regularly have boston cream pie which is like banofie except without the toffee.

CatIsSleepy Thu 10-Jan-08 13:52:25

my mum made chilli con carne with baked beans
it was fab grin
and chicken curry with sultanas, dessicated coconut and chopped banana on top

Mercy Thu 10-Jan-08 13:52:43

Proper curry that is.

Gammon and pineapple was very popular. I think it's the combo of salty and sweet (bit like Hawaiian pizza)

FluffyMummy123 Thu 10-Jan-08 13:53:09

Message withdrawn

Carmenere Thu 10-Jan-08 13:53:32

My mum made lots of snazzy stuff too, they were real foodies in a bland food wilderness of Ireland in the 70's.

Flllightattendant Thu 10-Jan-08 13:54:22


Neither was strictly correct....hmm

It was sort of bits of sausage cut up in a mixture of spicy tomato sauce stuff with big onion bits and fried.

I won't go into the home made herby hamburgers (bleurgh)
that was about it.

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