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Half tin of baked beans been left in fridge overnight - can I eat it today?

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Holymoly321 Thu 13-Dec-07 13:55:09

DH is ALWAYS doing this, leaving half a tin of baked beans in the fridge - am tired of chucking them out. Can they still be eaten the next day?

FluffyMummy123 Thu 13-Dec-07 13:56:05

Message withdrawn

foofi Thu 13-Dec-07 13:56:53

I can testify that they can be eaten for weeks afterwards, and no one dies.

I always do it. I would eat them upto 3 days later too.

Holymoly321 Thu 13-Dec-07 13:56:55

I always thought you couldn't leave open tins in the fridge... or am I just showing my age?...

rey Thu 13-Dec-07 13:56:58

ditto! ie i do this all the time too.

charliecat Thu 13-Dec-07 13:59:36

i havent died yet

margoandjerry Thu 13-Dec-07 14:02:04

I only eat days old half full tins of beans grin

Tins used to be poisonous?shock What's that all about then?

expatinscotland Thu 13-Dec-07 14:03:49

i'd eat it.

OnACaffieneHigh Thu 13-Dec-07 14:06:00

I think tins used to contain lead or some other toxic metal, so if they were bent or crushed you'd have it seeping into your food... Or so they believed. I don't know about now.

But yes! Eat the beans!

coldtits Thu 13-Dec-07 14:07:04

tyes, of course, why wouldn't you?

luciemule Thu 13-Dec-07 14:07:33

I thought the aluminium leaches into the food and that's why you should empty the food into a different, non metallic container?

Maybe the tins don't do that anymore but they are aluminium aren't they or are they now coated with something?

SleighlyMadSanta Thu 13-Dec-07 14:08:57

I always transfer them too a bowl (DP used to be a chef and says he was not allowed to keep things in tins but I don't know why).

BUT my mum always used to leave them in teh tin.

Good for a recommended 3 days I think...

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy Thu 13-Dec-07 14:09:16

yes, eat them, cold from fridge, lovely!

expatinscotland Thu 13-Dec-07 14:10:21

eeewww. heat them up first!

they're rank when they're cold.

DaisyMoo Thu 13-Dec-07 14:16:37

I think it's because the metal from the can can oxidise and transfer to the food. But cans are made from steel aren't they so it's only a bit of rust and surely not that much different from taking an iron tablet? grin

SenoraPostrophe Thu 13-Dec-07 14:20:20

lol. I think there's a typo in this thread title isn't there? It should be half tin baked beans left in fridge over a week...

(answer - if there's no mould in it, it's OK. might taste funny though)

SleighlyMadSanta Thu 13-Dec-07 14:20:33

"Tin cans

When you have opened a can of food and you're not using all the food straight away, empty the food into a bowl, or other container, and put it in the fridge.

Don't store food in an opened tin can, or re-use empty cans to cook or store food. This is because when a can has been opened and the food is open to the air, the tin may transfer more quickly to the can's contents.

This advice doesn't apply to foods sold in cans with resealable lids, such as golden syrup and cocoa. "

From the governments website so it must be true grin

SenoraPostrophe Thu 13-Dec-07 14:22:15

cans are still made of tin are they? I thought they were steel/iron.

ScottishMummy Thu 13-Dec-07 14:31:45

yes - i dogrindid worse as a student too

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