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can i still use eggs that are 2 days out of date....

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rosebud1980 Sat 24-Nov-07 13:24:35

ive got 3 to use up thought the use by date was today -i was only going to use them to make a victoria sponge so they didnt go to waste

FozzieKbear Sat 24-Nov-07 13:25:48

I would

NomDePlume Sat 24-Nov-07 13:26:26

yes, i would. So long as they smell ok when you crack them open.

SoupDragon Sat 24-Nov-07 13:31:26

I've used them much older than this.

Put them in a jug of water - really fresh eggs sink, gone-off ones float. As NdP says, you can tell if an egg is off by sniffing it anyway.

Rosa Sat 24-Nov-07 13:31:35

get jug of water and put eggs in if they sink then they are ok if they float ( lift off completley from the bottom then bin ( try not to break them as if they are off then the smell is terrible)

MrMiaou Sat 24-Nov-07 14:48:16

I think the most out of date I've used so far is about 6 months

Sell by dates / use by dates are the biggest marketing con of the century. Use your eyes and nose, you'll soon know if they are OK.

fryalot Sat 24-Nov-07 14:48:49

if you crack them open and they smell, don't use them


Twinklemegan Sat 24-Nov-07 15:06:38

Totally agree about sell by dates. I'm careful with meat, but even then the dates are meaningless because I've had stuff go off that's still within date. But fruit/veg/eggs etc. I use my common sense. It's all guesswork anyway, and you can bet they put the shortest date on that they can get away with so they sell more.

I mean mushrooms fgs - you buy them with only a 2 day window before their use by date. I've kept them for two weeks after that and they've been fine, a bit leathery maybe, but perfectly safe.

So much perfectly good food gets chucked out in this country, it makes me furious actually.

RustyBear Sat 24-Nov-07 15:33:14

DH used to work for a food research company - they did a lot of research into sell by dates & the result of all of them was summed up by DH's boss:

"If tested under the most carefully controlled laboratory conditions.... the organism will do as it damn well pleases"

Most companies put short dates on to avoid the risk of being sued.

MrMiaou Sat 24-Nov-07 16:17:51

approximately one third of food in the UK is simply thrown out!

Most companies put a short date to make more money :D

LyraSilvertongue Sat 24-Nov-07 16:19:43

Only two days out of date? of course you can use them. I use the date on eggs only as a guide.

LyraSilvertongue Sat 24-Nov-07 16:20:41

I read somewhere that France puts longer dates on the exact same food and the French aren't all dropping dead.

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