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How do you cook faggots?

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clumsymum Tue 13-Nov-07 16:45:16

Bought some from the butchers, ds had them at his childminders once about 2 yrs ago.

But I've never had them before, and forgot to ask the butcher. Any clues?

clumsymum Tue 13-Nov-07 16:54:06

bump. Want to do them for tea.....

purpleturtle Tue 13-Nov-07 16:55:12

Only have experience of frozen faggots by Brains - with those you just bung the foil container in the oven for about 40 mins.
I assume that you could put them in the oven for a shorter time, given that yours won't be frozen.

EffiePerine Tue 13-Nov-07 16:55:38

I'd bake them. Would imagine they would take about 40 mins? Basically treat them as large round sausages

TheMadHouse Tue 13-Nov-07 16:55:51

You brown them in a pan with loads of onions and then add to stock and cook in the oven.

Then thicken the stock to make a yummy gravey.

eat with Chips or mash - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

clumsymum Tue 13-Nov-07 16:57:20

Thank you.

Am I right that they'll taste of liver? I don't know whether to have them myself, cos I don't like liver.

biglips Tue 13-Nov-07 16:58:16

i found this as sorry ive never cooked Faggots

also here

There are a few here too

FioFio Tue 13-Nov-07 16:58:51

Message withdrawn

EffiePerine Tue 13-Nov-07 16:59:22

no they don't taste of liver, IIRC the main ingredient is bit of heart. Basically the same as sausages: offal chopped up with herbs and pepper and stuff.

clumsymum Tue 13-Nov-07 17:03:09

right, I'm off to make onion gravy then, apparently.

thanks for your help.

TheMadHouse Tue 13-Nov-07 21:34:21

where they yummy and did they impart all their flavour in the gravy.

DH lovvvvvvvvvvvves gravy a proper Northern Bloke. DS1 would drink it from the boat if we let him shock

clumsymum Wed 14-Nov-07 17:22:14

Well, DH and DS both loved them, and were very impressed by my cooking them in onion gravy. DH said it put him in mind of his granny shock

I really was not impressed, but I don't like offal very much anyway. I'll do them again, but maybe one day when I've been out to lunch or something, and can give them a miss.

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