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Danone Activia 'Good Bacteria' Yogurt - Ok for a 2 year old ?

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NomDePlume Fri 24-Sep-04 09:16:25

I ask because I bought some of this with this weeks shop. I had some with my Alpen this morning and DD wanted to try it (she's 2y 1m). My instict says that it is fine for her but just want to check with you lot first (how sad am I ?!).


GeorginaA Fri 24-Sep-04 09:30:26

Should be fine. Ds1 adores the probiotic yoghurt drinks which I thought were fundamentally the same principle? I know there's a recommendation for them to be drunk while pregnant and breastfeeding to help reduce allergies so I doubt they'd be anything "bad" in moderation.

I'm sure he's also had active yoghurts when he was quite young too. "Normal" yoghurts still have some culture in them anyway, don't they? Isn't that how yoghurt is made in the first place?

NomDePlume Fri 24-Sep-04 09:36:02

Heyyyyyyyyyy, you're back !

Like I say, I'm almost positive that these things are ok. She has never shown any sort of intolerance to dairy, although she did take a bit longer than the norm to come off formula (cows milk gave her the runs).

P.S. - DH and I are still speaking. In fact he came home from work last night and said 'Oooh, it looks lovely in here' . He's learning, slowly.

GeorginaA Fri 24-Sep-04 09:51:03

LOL... thought I'd come back and find you on my doorstep with a suitcase

NomDePlume Fri 24-Sep-04 09:56:22

I tell you what, I came close

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