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Can you freeze Papaya?

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Wilkie Sun 13-May-07 06:57:18

It's in the Annabel Karmel recipe book as a god first food when weaning but I want to know if I can freeze it once I have pureed it as one Papaya makes A LOT of puree

Pixiefish Sun 13-May-07 07:33:09

Nope, nor banana. Everything else you can

Wilkie Sun 13-May-07 07:45:22

Balls, thanks for info x

3sEnough Sun 13-May-07 07:47:12

I'm sure I did!! Why can't you - it turns out the same as it went in and tasted fine (although I loathe papaya - it tasted the same!)

LunarSea Sun 13-May-07 08:31:25

I've bought frozen papaya chunks - so I'd say yes.

Wilkie Sun 13-May-07 08:52:38

Think i'll try freezing and see what it's like

JonesTheSteam Sun 13-May-07 08:53:06

I'm sure I did.

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