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finger buffet for children's party - ideas please??

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deaconblue Wed 07-Mar-07 20:58:35

We are having caterers do the buffet for ds' 1st birthday party (sounds posh, only doing it as we won't have a house at the time). What would you ask to go onto the buffet? Kids will range from 1 - 10 years old. I'm thinking cheese and tomato pizza, finger sandwiches, some kind of fruit platter, crisps

Hulababy Wed 07-Mar-07 21:00:16

Party rings

Sticks of cucumber, peppers, etc.
Something sweet - little mini buns or brownies

mymama Wed 07-Mar-07 21:15:52

mini quiches,
fairy bread,
mini banana/apple muffins.

deaconblue Wed 07-Mar-07 21:18:52

oooh what's fairy bread? I'm making huge gooey chocolate birthday cake so thought I wouldn't put sweet stuff on buffet. Maybe should still do party rings though for that retro thang and an excuse for all the adults to snaffle them

pointydog Wed 07-Mar-07 21:52:16

cocktail sausages always go down a storm

mymama Wed 07-Mar-07 22:20:21

fairy bread - bread with crusts off - lightly buttered with sprinkles. Cut into triangles.

Not the greatest but definitely not the worst sweet thing you could have on the buffet. Also great for class parties if you want to send along something fun but not too sicky.

pointydog Wed 07-Mar-07 22:22:39


the fairies are welcome to it

deaconblue Thu 08-Mar-07 08:25:13

cocktail sausages vvgood pointydog

Bozza Thu 08-Mar-07 08:28:33

Are you going to give the cake out at the party then rather than send it home?

nathaliea Thu 08-Mar-07 08:32:51

fusili pasta with butter, sweetcorn, sausages, crudites

deaconblue Thu 08-Mar-07 17:09:27

Am I supposed to send the cake home then? Was going to serve cake and champers after the buffet...

McDreamy Thu 08-Mar-07 17:13:15

AT DD 4th birthday party last month the most popular food was the plate of ham and cheese mini muffins

nogoes Thu 08-Mar-07 17:29:19

What is a party ring? It keeps being mentioned on MN.

deaconblue Thu 08-Mar-07 20:39:27

PArty rings are a ring shaped biscuit with lurid coloured icing on. They are dirt cheap and children of the 70's lived on them. You can still get them in Tesco. I recommend sticking your finger through the hole and eating the biscuit off your finger
Muffins sound fab. Saw a Tana Ramsay recipe for the same only yesterday. YUM

nogoes Fri 09-Mar-07 08:17:20

Thanks Shoppingbags . Amazingly they seem to have passed me by and I was a child of the 70's.

deaconblue Fri 09-Mar-07 09:38:57

nogoes, go out and get some today, they might make you a little hyperactive but they are delish

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