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James Martin's Yorkshire puddings - EIGHT eggs??!

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PuppyMonkey Sun 25-Mar-12 09:51:28

I thought I'd misheard so checked online and he really does say 8oz flour, 160ml milk and 8 eggs. Bloody hell - is that right?

PuppyMonkey Sun 25-Mar-12 10:48:53


DefiniteMaybe Sun 25-Mar-12 10:50:52

We tried a recipe similar to that a few weeks ago. Tbh they weren't great. Recipes with less eggs taste better.

Islagiatt Sun 25-Mar-12 10:51:58

I made Hugh Fiddly-stocking tops Yorkshire puds once and that needed a similar amount of eggs (but then I didn't read the recipe properly to see that it was for 10 people!

MIL just does 4oz flour an egg and a splash of milk and water - and they turn out lovely?? gets keys for car to go to shop to see Aunt Bessie who never fails me for Yorkshires

NettoSuperstar Sun 25-Mar-12 10:55:05

I do equal amounts of egg/flour/milk, using one egg for two of us, and my yorkshires are great.

SardineQueen Sun 25-Mar-12 10:55:40

I do my mum's method.

One egg in bow and beat.
One spoon of flour at a time and work in with fork until pretty darn stiff (slightly hard work)
Then milk a bit at a time until it just runs off tip of fork rather than glooping

Leave to stand for an hour if poss
Add more milk to loosen up again if necessary

I have never managed to get decent puds using these types of recipes where you stick it all in and mix it up which is a shame as they would be easier.

PuppyMonkey Sun 25-Mar-12 10:59:10

Thanks all, I thought it seemed weird. Only got 3 eggs in and wanted to have a go.

SardineQueen Sun 25-Mar-12 10:59:50

*bowl, obv

Putting an egg in a bow would be v tricky indeed grin

PuppyMonkey Sun 25-Mar-12 11:56:41

Well, have made up a batter with one egg, and it looks all right. It looks battery enough. grin I shall let you know how they turn out after 2pm when we eat!

Eight eggs me arse.

SardineQueen Sun 25-Mar-12 12:00:43

Good luck with them puppy!

I have to say that I was brought up by a mum who is a frugal "waste not want not" type, and my gut reaction to using 8 eggs to make a yorkshire pud was that it was somehow obscene!

PuppyMonkey Sun 25-Mar-12 14:51:01

Well James Martin, my one egg Yorkshires were bloody gorgeous. Thanks all for reassurance. grin

Bunbaker Sun 25-Mar-12 14:52:55

I do the same as Netto. I saw Jamie Oliver do it on TV and it is the most successful recipe I have tried so far. We had an American guest for lunch today and he ate Yorkshire puddings for the first time - and loves them.

SardineQueen Sun 25-Mar-12 15:46:25

Hooray! Nice one puppy smile

Hassled Sun 25-Mar-12 15:51:35

I saw that too and thought I'd misheard. 8 eggs does seem excessive but am quite tempted to try.

I read a recipe that said forget milk, use water - it will make your puddings lighter and crisper. It didn't - they were horrible and flabby.

I go for 8oz flour in a jug, 2 eggs, top it up with milk till it reaches the pint mark and then blend.

JasperJohns Sun 25-Mar-12 15:55:21

James Martin is a greedy fecker.

He puts a mound of butter in everything he makes.

This is possibly why he is starting to look a bit porcine.

PuppyMonkey Sun 25-Mar-12 15:59:06

I'm really interested to know what the 8 eggs would have added, seems like they would've been very heavy. hmm

NettoSuperstar Sun 25-Mar-12 16:00:54

Surely it makes a massive amount too?
Actually, I saw JM at the Good Food show back in October and he's rather a dish in real life, very funny too.

JasperJohns Sun 25-Mar-12 16:04:03

Netto - my dh saw him there too and said the same!

mamijacacalys Sun 25-Mar-12 16:12:15

75g plain flour, pinch salt, 125 ml skimmed milk, 2 small/ med eggs or one very large egg.
Bung all ingredients in a large jug. Whisk until smooth.
Leave to stand for a while.
Heat oil in 12 hole muffin pan until very hot. Pour in batter. Cook at 200 for 18-20 min. Delish. Alternatively use an ovenproof dish to make one big one but fat has to be preheated to very very hot.
Serves 4-6 depending on how greedy many people you are.
This is a variation of a Delia recipe. Having ours later today smile.

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