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I rather like greggs sausage rolls

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LoonyRationalist Sun 05-Feb-12 09:34:16

Anyone got a recipe so I can make them myself?

Dillydaydreaming Sun 05-Feb-12 09:35:32

Oh they are delicious, haven't had one in a long time (over a year) and currently on a diet so unlikely to taste one for a good while yet.
Greggs sausage roll and a mug of tea - mmmmmmmm!

GrimmaTheNome Sun 05-Feb-12 09:40:49

You can buy them frozen from Iceland, apparently - presumably they have cooking instructions so I think that's all the recipe you need to get the authentic article in the comfort of your own home.

Whether they taste the same I don't know - in the same way that fish& chips really does have to be eaten in the open air out of newspaper (ideally on a windy seafront fending off gulls for best effect), surely a Greggs really needs to be eaten in a street, ideally pushing a buggy?

Empathylass Sun 05-Feb-12 09:41:43

Grimmathenome grin grin

Dillydaydreaming Sun 05-Feb-12 09:44:18

No I've no buggy Grimma and am sure they taste just as delicious. Not sure how the Iceland ones will fare.

LoonyRationalist Sun 05-Feb-12 09:45:36

I'm not sure that even a greggs sausage rolls is worth venturing into Iceland, thanks though Grimma. My dd2 is too big for her pushchair now, is that the death knell for sausage rolls consumption then? <wails>

BeerTricksP0tter Sun 05-Feb-12 09:47:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheOneWithTheHair Sun 05-Feb-12 09:56:18

I heard on another thread that the Iceland ones are good. Greasy and everything! grin

TheOneWithTheHair Sun 05-Feb-12 09:57:47

Oh I forgot. I rather like Greggs sausage rolls too.

LoonyRationalist Sun 05-Feb-12 09:59:13

You know I'm really holding out for a recipe anyone?

Non chippy Holland pies BeerTricks - you go too too far.

Magna Sun 05-Feb-12 10:01:47

LR next you will be saying David Cameron is doing a good job shock

LoonyRationalist Sun 05-Feb-12 10:02:26

Hair, it's the grease that I think is the tricky bit to get right.

Maryz Sun 05-Feb-12 10:04:11

I have never tasted one sad.

I presume they are an English thing? We get frozen findus ones, which I suspect are a bit like Iceland.

LoonyRationalist Sun 05-Feb-12 10:05:13

Magna, fuck off to the kingdom of fuck and when you get there, fuck off some more, you go too far ;)

Magna Sun 05-Feb-12 10:08:00


Magna Sun 05-Feb-12 10:11:02

I prefer Greggs pasties to sausage rolls though

Maryz Sun 05-Feb-12 10:11:04

I suspect Loony is no longer a lurker grin

LoonyRationalist Sun 05-Feb-12 10:14:13

MaryZ - you may have unleashed a monster!

FlatYouLent Sun 05-Feb-12 10:36:46

LR did you mean to sound so rude?

TheOneWithTheHair Sun 05-Feb-12 10:39:46

Bugger bugger bugger. Missed opportunities.

FlatYouLent Sun 05-Feb-12 10:45:28


LoonyRationalist Sun 05-Feb-12 12:31:08

Fantastic flat!! Sorry been gone a bit, had to play in the snow with the children. If only I had found MN pre children, I'd have had lots more time to waste on here contribute

notsuchayummymummy Fri 02-Mar-12 07:46:50

I think the Iceland/ greggs ones are really nice and very convenient- well worth a trysmile

Canella Sat 03-Mar-12 12:41:28

Now that i've made sausage rolls myself, I cant believe how silly easy it is.
Buy shop bought puff pastry. Cut it into however many sausage rolls you want. Brush one end with egg. Put a sausage in (i'm in Germany so use little Nurnberger sausages - you can get them in Lidl in the UK). Roll the pastry round the sausage. Put in the fridge for 30 mins then brush all over with egg then in the oven for 20 - 30 mins. And they taste great.

TheSinglePringle Sat 03-Mar-12 12:51:58

I don't like greggs sausage rolls because they are too watery. I'm a cooplands girl now grin

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