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Inspiration needed - what can I add to make couscous more interesting?

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schnapps Sat 21-Jan-06 17:09:54

I need simple, cheap things to take to work for lunch. I like couscous, which is definitely simple, but what can I add to make it more interesting, other than sweetcorn and cheese?

Waswondering Sat 21-Jan-06 17:11:27

Take dry couscous, stir in spoonful of nice chutney (tablespoon), add boiling water till just covered, cover tight with clingfilm and leave for a couple of minutes. Then add in whatever you normally put through it, eg flakes of fish, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, roughly torn flat leaf parsley etc.


mckenzie Sat 21-Jan-06 17:11:55

red or yellow peppers, mange tout, pine nuts, cashew nits, sultanas or raisins, pineappe chinks, apple, beetroot, avocado, chicken....

BadHair Sat 21-Jan-06 17:14:41

Chopped spring onion, cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper and cucumber. Add a tiny drop of olive oil and some fresh mint too if you've got it. And salt and pepper. Yum!

desperatehousewife Sat 21-Jan-06 17:22:04

chopped dried apricots, chopped fresh corriander, big squeeze of lemon, flaked almonds, chick peas. yum.

snowleopard Sat 21-Jan-06 17:22:09

I make it with vegetables like courgettes, onion, carrots, mushrooms and peppers. Stir-fry or roast them first, with herbs if you like, or sometimes I add cumin. Mix into freshly cooked cous cous with some olive oil and salt & pepper. Great cold for lunch, and a big batch lasts a couple of days, you can have it as a salad with fish or chicken.

beep Sat 21-Jan-06 17:26:40

tescos do a nice cous-cous seasoning, I like the mint and chilli and the lemon and herb ones best.

treacletart Sat 21-Jan-06 17:29:00

marigold bouillon powder

cull Sat 21-Jan-06 17:42:42

My favourite couscous salad:
Make couscous with a little stock instead of water.
Add finely chopped carrots, celery, cucumber, peppers tomatoes and feta cheese and mix with a vigiagrette (I do oil and lemon juice with whatever herbs and spices I have on hand and a little bit of sugar)
Sometimes I put herbs like basil or coriander in it too.
But mix it up, put whatever veg you have in the fridge. Cooked brocolli, grilled veg, sweet potato....mmmm time for dinner!!

schnapps Sat 21-Jan-06 17:43:57

Yumm, some great ideas here. Thanks

robinpud Sat 21-Jan-06 17:50:41

Stir in a little pesto

cod Sat 21-Jan-06 17:51:05

Message withdrawn

schnapps Sat 21-Jan-06 18:08:45

I had thought of squirrel, not sure where to buy it from though, any ideas cod?

Meanoldmummy Sat 21-Jan-06 18:42:43

chuck it in the bin and order a curry??

schnapps Sat 21-Jan-06 19:52:59

A curry is definitely the better option and it's certainly simple if it's a take-away. Notice I need something 'cheap' though, and healthy would be a bonus

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