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Packed lunch ideas for a very fussy 2 year old.

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lovecloud Sun 02-Oct-05 22:38:27

DD is a very fussy eater and suvives on fresh air most of the time

She takes a packed lunch to nursery twice a week.

She only likes:
marmite and butter sandwich
ham sandwich
sometimes cheese sandwich
Pitta bread or bagels with cream cheese.


Cheese sticks

Problem is the above is waht she eats every day of her life. I would love to introduce he to something new, just dont know what.

Any ideas:

I have tried tuna but she went mad when she saw it.

thank you

Jojo12 Sun 02-Oct-05 22:54:48

If your dd likes Marmite, have you tried houmous sandwiches? My ds can't get enough of them, and I think chickpeas are meant to be good for protein. For snacks, cherry or mini plum tomatoes cut in half might be good.

Flagging a bit for inspiration at this time, but I wish you luck!

NannyL Sun 02-Oct-05 22:55:09

pear raspberries banana

egg mayo sandwhiches / rolls / bagels

raw carot sticks or cuecumebr or pepper

yoghurt / fromage frais

(gieb ehr a variety of new stuff... if she see her freiend eating similar she may well copy!)

lockets Sun 02-Oct-05 22:59:37

Message withdrawn

TracyK Wed 05-Oct-05 10:44:44

Sounds much like my ds favourites.
He also loves the little swedish meat balls which can be eaten cold. Also garlic baguette (yuk - even he eats that cold!)

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