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How long to defrost salmon fillets?

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unicorn Mon 26-Sep-05 09:13:33

Have 4 in a packet - just wondered if I take them out now will they be ok to use about 4 ish...
or should it be 24 hours to defrost?

unicorn Mon 26-Sep-05 09:22:11

thought cod might know

sansouci Mon 26-Sep-05 09:22:17

don't defrost them at room temp!! let them defrost in fridge, FGS!

gingerbear Mon 26-Sep-05 09:22:30

I put them on defrost in my 800W Microwave for 3-5 mins depending on size.

unicorn Mon 26-Sep-05 09:23:17

ooh never thought about using microwave - is that safe?

Hulababy Mon 26-Sep-05 09:23:34

Take them out the packet and separate them up on a plate.

I do tend to defrost them in the fridge though - I am more careful with fish.

Reckon they'll be fine though by then.

gingerbear Mon 26-Sep-05 09:24:16

Ginger family have survived so far!

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