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madugherowngrave Thu 28-Oct-10 18:10:53

Thought id share my meal plan for teh coming week and hope that some of you wills hare yours (need inspiration for next week!)

Friday - Chicken Korma (base sauce already made & frozen)

Sat - Lunch - Spicy butternut squash soup & crsuty bread
dinner - homemade healthy donner kebabs & salad

Sun - lunch - lentil & bacon soup & croutons
dinner - roast chicken, potatoes, braised red cabbe & yorskshire puddings

Mon - Chicken maryland traybake

Tues - Pork chops in hoemmade BBQ sauce, corn cobs & mash

Wed - Ham & Mushroom tagliatelle

Thurs - Sweet potato & sausage stew

happygilmore Thu 28-Oct-10 18:40:23

lovely menu plan. How do you make homemade kebabs, they sound nice.

madugherowngrave Thu 28-Oct-10 19:00:57

1 teaspoon plain flour
1 teaspoon dried oregano
Ha;f teaspoon dried Italian herbs
Half teaspoon garlic powder
Half teaspoon onion powder
Quarter teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon salt
Half teaspoon black pepper
500g Lamb mince

Combine all the ingredients. Work the mixture well with your hands, pounding & kneading until there are no air pockets. It should be a smooth mixture.

Shape into a loaf shape, and place on a baking tray (preferably on a wire rack) and put in the oven at 180c for 1 hour 20 mins. Turn the loaf over halfway through cooking.

Remove from the oven & wrap in foil. Let it rest for 10 minutes while you warm pitta bread & prepare salad. Unwrap the meat and slice as thinly as possible.

happygilmore Thu 28-Oct-10 19:13:38

ooh lovely, thanks

madugherowngrave Sat 30-Oct-10 18:41:04

bump x

happygilmore Sat 30-Oct-10 20:16:35

Here's ours:

Sun - Roast chicken, roast potatoes, broccoli and peas

Mon - Goan chicken curry and rice

Tue - Omelette and wedges

Wed - Tomato pasta with bacon, onion, mushrooms and peppers

Thurs - Tarka dhal, sag aloo and rice

Fri - Chicken tikka kebabs, cous cous, pittas and hoummous

Sat - Scallops, chorizo, spinach and garlic bread

pantaloons Sat 30-Oct-10 20:23:24

Sun - Roast chicken, stuffing, roast pots, peas & carrots.

Mon - Gammon, eggs and homemade wedges (gammon from our pigs, eggs from our hens.)

Tues - Carbonara. From Tana Ramsey's book. Yum yum.

Wed - Asparagus and Prawn risotto.

Thurs - Bacon and mushroom quiche with oven roast new pots.

Fri - Jackets sruffed with tuna and sweetcorn, homemade coleslaw and salad.

Sat - Kick at pantry door.

scaleymcnamechange Sat 30-Oct-10 20:24:24

This is roughly what we have had for dinner this week:

Saturday: chilli con carne with rice
Friday: jacket potatoes with cheese, salad and coleslaw
Thursday: spicey bean burgers, french fries and salad
Wednesday: home made leek and potato soup and french bread (adults) NCG tomato and basil soup and garlic bread for the dc
Tuesday: spaghetti carbonara with salad
Monday: eggy bread, bacon and beans (children) egg, bacon, toast, mushrooms and beans (adults)
Sunday: pork and apple casserole, mash, tenderstem broccoli, baby corn, peas

happygilmore Sat 30-Oct-10 20:28:07

Next weeks is:

Carbonara and brocolli

Chicken thighs, chorizo, chickpeas and tomatoes in the SC

Pork chops, baked potatoes and corn on the cobs

Chicken fajitas, tomato and avocado salsa

Beef stroganoff and rice

HM pizza and wedges

tiokiko Sun 31-Oct-10 13:56:49

Tonight - tortellini in brodo (chicken stock)

Mon - haggis, neeps (swede), tatties (mash), cabbage

Tues - homemade pizza w buff mozarella, salami & olives

Wed - pasta w tomato, tuna & caper sauce

Thurs - lentil dahl

Fri - thai green chicken curry

BelligerentGhoul Sun 31-Oct-10 14:00:22

I love meal plan threads!

This week:

Monday - I'm working late, so dp is making his 'sepciality' cheese and potato pie, which we will have with spiced peas

Tuesday - big pan of roasted root vege, with veggie sausages, savoy cabbage and port gravy

Weds - dd1 and are are at the theatre, so will eat out and dp and dd2 will have Pizza Express pizzas from Sainsbos, corn on the cob and salad

Thursday - butternut squash risotto

Friday - chick pea and paneer curry and rice

BelligerentGhoul Sun 31-Oct-10 14:03:03

I like the sound of sweet potato and sausage stew - how do you do that Mad? And I take it I could use veggie sausages?

I usually do a puy lentil and veggie sausage casserole that is delicious but nice to have a change sometimes!

Forgot the weekend -

Saturday - vege and barley soup, baguettes and homemade pud (either apple cake or cherry crisp)

Sunday - no idea!

Byblyofyle Sun 31-Oct-10 14:03:35 many delicious suggestions! Are any of the recipes on Mumsnet? (Hint)

Laquitar Sun 31-Oct-10 14:07:07

belligerent, is 'paneer' spinach with peas? blush

BelligerentGhoul Sun 31-Oct-10 14:09:21

Mattar maneer is Indian cheese and peas / saag paneer is Indian cheese and spinach.

I by the paneer from Sainsbo's.

I just do a veggie curry, then fry the paneer in cubes separately and add it to the curry at the last minute. I love it!

Byblyofyle Sun 31-Oct-10 14:09:30

"Paneer" is Indian cheese. smile

BelligerentGhoul Sun 31-Oct-10 14:10:05

bUy - that's the 2nd time I've done that this week blush

Laquitar Sun 31-Oct-10 14:19:23

I feel double blush now grin

Thank you. I will will give it a try.

franke Sun 31-Oct-10 14:37:17

Happygilmore - if you've got a mo can you point me the direction of recipes for dhal and sag aloo smile

happygilmore Sun 31-Oct-10 15:04:27

This is the dhal - not made it before but heard it's lovely: 429#post574429

for the sag aloo, I'm trying to remember - something like this, last time I made it I kind of made it up a bit:

boil potatoes, fry up some mustard seeds, chili powder, cumin and turmeric for about a min (you could use less or more indian spices, whatever you fancy), add in onion and fry til translucent. Then add the potatoes until all cooked through, add the spinach near the end. I also add in tomatoes if I've got them.

Sorry a bit rough and ready but hope you get the idea

franke Sun 31-Oct-10 22:10:19

Thanks for those - I might try the same dinner later in the week smile

madugherowngrave Mon 01-Nov-10 06:48:19

Belligerent here is the sausage & sweet potato stew recipe ..


elvisgirl Mon 01-Nov-10 07:30:11

Belligerent - I often find stews/casseroles made with veggie sausages in place of meat are not as tasty as I expect cos the veggies sausages don't add to the stew-y bit whereas meat sausages might release a bit of meaty juice into the mix. I go for recipes that have a decent amount of veggies &/or seasoning &/or wine/cider, or add extra to make sure there is some nice flavour in there already. Or I just add veggies sausages to an all-veggie recipe.

BelligerentGhoul Mon 01-Nov-10 20:54:52

Thanks both.

The one I usually do is flavoured with mustard, paprika and honey, so is quite flavoursome.

thereistheball Tue 02-Nov-10 07:59:30

I am low-carbing, and my suppers this week look like this:

Monday: pan-fried trout fillets in lemon and caper butter, with cauliflower puree (wedding anniversary dinner, with a good bottle of white).

Tuesday: chorizo, broccoli, tomato and feta cheese frittata

Wednesday: burgers (no buns) with garlic mushrooms, on a bed of cabbage

Thursday: pork chops with blue cheese and walnut butter, on the rest of the cauliflower puree, with frizzled leeks

Friday: 'spaghetti' (spaghetti squash and shredded leeks) with Boursin and crispy bacon.

For breakfast I'll be having baked eggs with spinach and parmesan (except today, as I'm having an omelette tonight). For lunch I'll be having ham or smoked mackerel, with cheese and salad.

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