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What can I make with lots of apples?!

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ladymarian Wed 13-Oct-10 12:23:28

I have been lucky enough to have been given a couple of big bags of apples. I don't want to waste them but am a bit of a novice cook!

I have made apple crumble and eve's pudding so far- any other ideas to use them up?

Can I core and peel them and then freeze them?

slipperthief Wed 13-Oct-10 20:59:51

Pie Pie Pie

And yes you can either freeze them cut up or make some jars / freezer bags of apple sauce up. And apple pie / crumble also freezes.

Don't know if the blackberries are still out but that's always a classic combination too.

Smash09 Wed 13-Oct-10 21:02:51

You could stew them with some cinnamon and a little bit of brown sugar and use to top lots of things, it would go well on porridge, with pancakes/crepes/eggy bread, pork or sausages even!

Also a big bowl of that is nice with some creamy yoghurt on. You'd get through it pretty fast that way!

Smash09 Wed 13-Oct-10 21:04:23

Ooh or you could dry them! I think you core and slice in to 1cm slices then brush with lemon juice and you could put them on a baking sheet in a very very low oven for 5 mins then turn the oven off and leave them in there.

nooka Thu 14-Oct-10 06:01:07

I've just made a load of apple preserves (basically lightly stewed sliced apples ready for quick and easy pies & puddings later) and applesauce (cooked more and then pureed). I also cored, sliced and froze a bunch (mixed with lemon juice, brown sugar and cinnamon), but my apples are very crisp eating apples (probably Fiji) and made rather crunchy pies, hence the preserves/sauce.

For the apple sauce I just cored and roughly chopped about 6lbs of apples, the juice of a couple of lemons (I quite like to use bottled lemon juice as it's very handy) or some cranberries and then two cups of either water or apple juice (my apples are quite dry) and then bring to a boil and simmer for as long as it takes for the apples to go tender. Then I blended it up and froze in yogurt pots (just because they were a handy size). Some I sieved too, and the texture was better, but it's a bit of a hassle unless you have a food mill.

For the preserves I took about the same amount of apples (peeled and sliced fairly finely) and lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon to taste, and then simmered for 10 mins and canned (you can also freeze).

3thumbedwitch Thu 14-Oct-10 06:02:11

CIDER!! I don't know how, but it can't be that hard to find a recipe/method grin

nooka Thu 14-Oct-10 06:55:44

Lol. I was just looking that very thing up, and I think you need really loads of apples. and a fair bit of it too. I'm going to try next year I think (I've four apple trees, so too many apples really).

Gorionine Thu 14-Oct-10 06:56:24

when I was little my mum used to do Apple fritters. Was really nice, she used to peel the apples, take the core out (with a thing that went inside without actually needing to open the apple. She woulf then slice them (would look like a cercle with a hole in the middle where core used to be. then dipped in batter and fried . we would sprinkle them with sugar and cinamon and eat them warm, was fab!

knottyhair Thu 14-Oct-10 11:30:21

We've got an apple tree and have had a bumper crop this year. I've made crumble, apple pie, apple & blackberry loaf, but mainly just stewed them with some sugar and put them in tubs in the freezer. We have these on porridge, with rice pudding, with pork, roast chicken, on pancakes.... I had to invest in an Apple Master from Lakeland thought, all that peeling and coring was doing my head in! Best £12.99 I've spent in ages.

nubbins Thu 14-Oct-10 14:24:35

the bramleys I got hold of have gone into lots of pies, vodka (to make schnapps), cider (well, having a go anyway), fruit leather (cook, puree with some sugar and lemon juice, spread on a baking sheet and dry in a cool oven for several hours, this is really tasty actually).

I have a few left and am planning on making mincemeat, and would quite like to have a go at apple chutney, but don't think i have enough for that!

ladymarian Thu 14-Oct-10 20:40:06

Thanks for all your suggestions!

I think I might have to go to Lakeland - the peelng and coring is tedious!

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