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Porkinson Bangers no longer use outdoor reared pork.

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treacletart Fri 24-Sep-10 13:22:05

I'm really disappointed. Got two packets in my online shop this morning - they've changed the packaging and no longer reference their use of outdoor reared pork. Had an avoiding the issue statement read to me by their customer service agent who's forwarded my complaint to powers that be. Tesco have refunded me, but felt I should warn other buyers..

nameymcnamechange Fri 24-Sep-10 13:22:55

Thank you for the heads up.

raucousdorcas Fri 24-Sep-10 13:28:18

Nooo! I lurve these sausages, but won't buy them again if they don't use outdoor reared pigs.

BeenBeta Fri 24-Sep-10 13:45:58

Outdoor reared pigs are not necessarily a good thing. Many pigs that live outdoors suffer badly if kept on clay soil. They can cause severe environmental damage too to watercourses. Pigs that live indoors can have better lives.

What have they replaced their outdoor pork with?

treacletart Fri 24-Sep-10 14:06:01

Well I'm waiting for a formal response to my complaint - but the new packaging makes no mention of animal welfare at all .... [[ Their website]] still shows the old packaging and prominent reference to outdoor reared pork. I do appreciate that animal welfare is a complex business but can't see that this will be anything other than a regressive cost cutting move.

treacletart Fri 24-Sep-10 14:07:02

sorry website link here

treacletart Fri 24-Sep-10 19:11:17

I'm just so shocked by this - it would be like Green & Blacks no longer being organic or Shredded Wheat suddenly adding loads of extra ingredients to their recipe - it's just weird to drop what had been such an important part of their brand..

treacletart Sat 25-Sep-10 10:18:21

And how's this for irony from their website...
"Luxury sausage that doesn't change"

treacletart Tue 28-Sep-10 20:54:46

so they emailed me confirmation today hmm....

"Our Careline have asked me to contact your regarding our new Porkinson packaging.

I can confirm that our packaging has changed recently and we have moved away from outdoor reared, therefore our meat is no longer free range however, I would like to assure you that we continue to source all our meat from within the UK and use only a limited number of suppliers that we know and trust, in order that we continue to offer a premium product without compromising the quality or price. I would like to confirm the packaging is all recyclable individually.

I hope this information has been helpful and would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us."

Tesco website still showing the old product, the porkinson website is still waving the outdoor reared flag... I'm really very cross about this - its not just an an animal welfare issue its a trading standards issue too... who should I be contacting do you think?

bacon Wed 29-Sep-10 12:54:36

There are hundreds of fab sauage makers out there and some are avail in supermarkets.

As an ex-pig breeder myself outdoor pork is very rare and proper proper low intensive pork rearing is only available from small farms which can be sourced on-line or any farmers markets. I now get mine from a neighbour and they are amazing.

Free-range usually means in-door barn breed pigs. On straw but not really in natural surroundings but better than dutch methods.

Now adays I avoid pork pies, scotch eggs etc as god only knows where those pork bits have come from.

Good for you in noticing this, sorry the GB sticker doesnt mean alot which has annoyed many british farmers, These factories can get away with murder so you cant be that trusting.

treacletart Wed 29-Sep-10 19:21:36

a little further research has shown Kerry Foods make Richmond Sausages too - so Porkinsons were really only Richmond premium.

I wonder how long they haven't been using outdoor reared pork? I've complained again but their website still hasn't changed and nor has Tesco's. Think I'm probably beating my head against the wall here, but I genuinely find this scandalous

treacletart Wed 29-Sep-10 20:40:21

here is the new packaging

treacletart Wed 06-Oct-10 22:32:32

Another week on and the Porkinson website is still showing the old product and the false claims. Tesco still advertising the old product online, Ocado too. angry

treacletart Thu 14-Oct-10 21:25:32

sites have finally been changed hmm

EightiesChick Fri 15-Oct-10 09:58:08

Thanks for pointing this out. I am still trying to find a good brand of sausage. Any recommendations? Have just read the Jamie O webchat where he mentions his own that are in Tesco. Has anyone tried them?

Phrenology Fri 15-Oct-10 10:01:09

JS Taste the Difference are the best.

cornflakegirl Fri 22-Oct-10 10:59:12

Reviving this because I'm also really annoyed that Porkinson aren't outdoor reared any more - and JS TTD have changed from outdoor reared to outdoor bred too. I shop in Sainsbury and Tesco, and I'm finding it really hard to buy sausages I'm happy with - organic seems to be my only choice (if they have any in!).

scruffybird Wed 02-Mar-11 16:05:37

I noticed this yesterday! I am so anoyed as I have been buying these for months since the change without knowing!
Can't find their website now either and the link further up this page doesn't work.
Where can you get decent outdoor reared sausages from. And don't get me started on sainsburys pork products! None of it seems to be outdoor reared

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