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1.5kg chicken - how many adults will that feed?

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wineonafridaynight Sun 12-Sep-10 14:14:59

Or rather how many meals am I likely to get out of it for two adults? It is in the slow cooker now - hoping to use the left over meat tomorrow as well for dinner. Do you think there is likely to be enough? Could I stretch it for dinner on Tuesday as well?

RubberDuck Sun 12-Sep-10 14:16:53

We usually have a 1.6kg chicken for 2 adults + 2 kids for roast one day and then chicken and chips the next day. I think you'd be pushing your luck for Tuesday as well though to be fair

winnybella Sun 12-Sep-10 14:18:20

2 meals -easily. I know people say they can feed 5 for 4 days on one chicken, but that requires quite a lot of ingenuity plus you end up not eating that much actual chicken iyswim.

When I do a roast chicken, we have that, then I use the rest of the meat for risotto with wild mushrooms and than boil the bones for a stock.

wineonafridaynight Sun 12-Sep-10 14:31:08

Thanks - in that case it is roast chicken today, chicken curry tomorrow and potentially a chicken and chorizo risotto or something similar on Tuesday, depending on chicken levels!

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