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slow cooker cooking too fast!

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pipo Sat 21-Aug-10 20:41:58

my very old slow cooker recently died. it used to cook a meat stew in 8 to 10 hours. I have bought 2 new 'slow' cookers ( a morphy richards and a russell hobbs) and returned both to the shops for a refund as they both did not seem to simmer - they both cooked a meat stew in 4 hours, which is no good if i am going out for the day. Can anyone recommend a slow cooker that does cook slowly? i did turn the dial to low but the stew seemed to boil rather than simmer iyswim.

jooseyfruit Sat 21-Aug-10 20:47:16

mine does that. will cook stuff in a couple of hours.

have resorted to using a plug in timer thingy. bit of a pita.

pipo Sat 21-Aug-10 20:54:08

joosey - never thought of that, thanks. just wish i'd tried to get the old one repaired now instead of rushing out to buy a wonderful new one.

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