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Cake Makers how hard would it be to make...

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bytheMoonlight Thu 22-Jul-10 19:30:45

A figure out of icing if you have never made one before?

I want to make a 'Mr Tumble' cake topper but have attempted anything with icing before.

Is this unrealistic?

Would appreciate advice

bytheMoonlight Thu 22-Jul-10 19:31:05

*never attempted

bytheMoonlight Thu 22-Jul-10 19:51:14

shameless bump

Lastyearsmodel Thu 22-Jul-10 19:58:56

Out of fondant icing? Well, Mr Tumble looks pretty much like your average clown - could you base it on that or just find a clown one in a good cake decorating shop?

Or just do his clown face 2D on top of the cake?

bytheMoonlight Thu 22-Jul-10 20:11:34

How hard is it to make a figure out of fondant icing Lastyearsmodel?

purpleturtle Thu 22-Jul-10 20:13:28

If you can model with playdough, you should be fine.

PandaG Thu 22-Jul-10 20:17:33

sugarpaste clown that look a bit like Mr Tumble here

you could adapt and simplify this

as PT says, if you can model with playdough you can model with sugarpaste - just make sure you use paste not liquid colours to colour the sugarpaste - liquid makes it go sticky

PandaG Thu 22-Jul-10 20:18:45

can buy a flat topper here

Lastyearsmodel Thu 22-Jul-10 20:19:32

What purpleturtle said. You can buy it in different colours (colouring small amounts yourself quite faffy and hard to get strong colours without professional gels).

Or don't Asda do photo printing onto cakes?

PandaG Thu 22-Jul-10 20:20:40

instructions for a simple Mr Tumble face here

bytheMoonlight Thu 22-Jul-10 21:05:00

I did want to try and make the figure myself but I didn't know if this was a stupid to try and attempt.

I may get one of those cake toppers just in case it all goes wrong!

So I can buy coloured fondont which I just then shape into the pieces I need.

How do I stick it all together?

purpleturtle Thu 22-Jul-10 21:10:31

Wet the sugarpaste a bit - or for something a bit stronger you can make a sugar glue just by dissolving a little sugarpaste in a small amount of boiling water.

bytheMoonlight Thu 22-Jul-10 21:21:42

Should I use sugar paste or fondant to make the figure

purpleturtle Thu 22-Jul-10 21:34:24

I use sugarpaste - don't think I've ever used fondant - so I'm not sure of the pros and cons of each.

All I know is that sugarpaste comes in lots of lovely colours from the shop. grin

bytheMoonlight Fri 23-Jul-10 10:29:30


Well bright colours is what I need!

How do you do simple expresions for the face?

bytheMoonlight Fri 23-Jul-10 11:32:09

And how difficult are things like hands to make?

bytheMoonlight Fri 23-Jul-10 12:21:04

bumping for advice?

purpleturtle Fri 23-Jul-10 23:16:27

Take a look at this - it might give you some ideas.

bytheMoonlight Sat 24-Jul-10 21:38:05

purpleturtle - that link was fantastic, also watched her other videos and its really given me confidence to have a go at it.

Thanks smile

purpleturtle Sat 24-Jul-10 21:53:50


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