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jenk1 Thu 18-Aug-05 14:12:39

i have a bag of organic chickpeas that i keep looking at and doing nothing with..inspire me someone if you can

TinyGang Thu 18-Aug-05 14:14:58

Hummous? Think that is made from chickpeas. Yummy!

TinyGang Thu 18-Aug-05 14:18:56

Lots here . They look nice actually, might try some myself I have used them in veggie curries and pasta sauces too.

Twiglett Thu 18-Aug-05 14:20:45

sausage casserole

onion and sausage .. brown in oil
tip in tin tomatoes, tin baked beans, chickpeas and mixed herbs

oven for an hour


MaloryTowers Thu 18-Aug-05 14:21:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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