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Just bought an ice cream maker and I need help

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HondaDream Thu 18-Aug-05 12:59:38

I just bought an icecream maker but my attemps so far have been rubbish. I followed Nigella's recipe but her quantities were huge and then it ddin't really go hard in the machine however I think you also have to freeze it too??

Any recipes, advice, suggestions please....

acnebride Thu 18-Aug-05 13:02:41

I've made Nigel Slater's banana ice cream from erm Real food I think and it was completely delish, but made it without an icecream maker, so that's no good.

'have to freeze it too' - what do you mean exactly?

hermykne Thu 18-Aug-05 13:04:05

did you not gewt a booklet with it for basic recipes?
you have to put the bowl in the freezer for a min of 12hrs prior to making ice cream, and then it goes bacl in after the mixing/churning of about 30mis

flatmouse Thu 18-Aug-05 13:10:33

my basic mix is 1 pt home made custard + .5 pint cream + flavour.
i've tried 100% custard mix and that is OK
i've tried using yoghurt - but i don't like yoghurt
i've tried using milk - was OK but not fab

recently have been making scrummy sorbets....

once you have the basics you can more or less do what you like!

HondaDream Thu 18-Aug-05 17:56:50

just so you don't all think I am a complete idiot!!

I did freeze the bowl and I meant do you have to freeze the ice cream after it has been in the machine as mine never is hard even after max time in machine.

Thanks for the basic recipe flatmouse I will try it.

cod Thu 18-Aug-05 18:39:07

Message withdrawn

NannyL Thu 18-Aug-05 19:20:29

a REALLY easy and quick strawberry ice cream that my charges love is as follows

get a packet of UHT custard.... mix it with 2 cans of strawberries (i discard the juice) (i use strawberries in syrup cause it tastes so much nicer....

i whizz the strawberries in blender (discard the juice) and mix in the custard

i churn it for 30 mins in my ice cream maker (bowl frozen obviously)

then put it in tub and freeze for at least 4 hours

yummy and VERY easy!

fruitful Thu 18-Aug-05 19:43:42

My fave recipe -

Put ice cream bowl in freezer overnight.

Heat 250ml of milk in a saucepan and dissolve 50g caster sugar in it. Add a couple of spoonfuls of instant drinking chocolate.

Leave it to cool.

Stir in 140ml double cream.

Stir in one to two liqueur glasses of Baileys .

Put mixture in fridge for an hour or so.

Churn it in the ice cream maker.

Put the ice cream in the freezer for a couple of hours.

It will always be fairly "soft-scoop" because of the alcohol.

Yum yum yum...

Easy Thu 18-Aug-05 19:55:13

Ice cream made in my ice crem maker doesn't freeze hard, but then I like it that way. If you like the Ice cream firmer, then when it's finished churning, take out the paddle, and put the whole churn in the freezer for 1/2 an hour. You'll need a good plastic spatula to scrape the ice cream out of the churn afterwards tho.

If you want to make Ice cream with alcoholic flavours e.g. amaretto (my favourite) or cherry brandy, or Rum & raisin, add the liquour at the end of heating the custard. The heat will evaporate the alcohol, so that it will freeze, but the taste is unaffected.

bosscat Thu 18-Aug-05 20:19:35

which one did you get out of interest? I've been contemplating getting one this summer.

flatmouse Thu 18-Aug-05 21:52:43

I've got this one from lakeland.

I find my ice cream goes quite firm - but still needs extra freezing. Sorbets depend on the amount of sugar syrup i've used - the more sugar syrup the runnier they are at the end of mixing.

NannyL Thu 18-Aug-05 22:10:03

my old family had that one...

its my fav ice cream maker ive ever used

(used 3) Ive got the kenwood one!

Have you got the ice cream recipie from the instrction book...

there is a REALLY yummy ice cream recipie in it (vanilla)

Its basially (me trying to remember)

beat together sugar and egg yolks
add a certain amount of whipped double cream
add warm full fat milk
heat whole mix gently for 10 mins
then chill
(at some point add vanilla extract)
then churn for 45 mins

was my old boys all time fav ice cream recipe... but FULL of calories

HondaDream Fri 19-Aug-05 09:15:13

i got a philips one, I knew nothing abou tham dh just bought it in the medium price range. I think it is good and I think I have discovered what I am doing wrong.
Not cooling mixture enough before it goes into machine
ANd not freezing ice cream once it has been churned.
I am off to buy fruit this morning and will let you know if I have had sucess or not....don't hold your breath

Easy Fri 19-Aug-05 10:44:14

Oh yes, the mixture really must be cold before you start to churn it.

I've learnt now to make the custard mixture in the morning, then put it in the back of the fridge (turn the fridge to a slightly colder setting than normal) until about an hour before teatime, when I take it out and churn it.

Pomi Fri 19-Aug-05 15:19:59

I made banana ice cream like this

I pint mixture of full fat milk and cream, three bananas, sugur i think 4 table spoons, mix it in a blender. Put in the ice cream maker and make it according to the instructions.

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