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Tasty tofu recipes?

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elsmommy Wed 17-Aug-05 14:28:01

Never cooked it and now it needs using up?

Any ideas?

DissLocated Wed 17-Aug-05 14:33:26

My favourite way is to marinade in Terikyaki sauce for a couple of hours and stir fry it with veg. If you haven't got terikyaki sauce in try anything suitabley chinese such as soy sauce with sesame oil, garlic, ginger and red chillis.

Heathcliffscathy Wed 17-Aug-05 14:40:20

elsmommy, 'cauldron' do great marinated tofu pieces...they are really really tasty and we use them instead of chicken in curries. they only need heating up as well so you add them in at the end, so for eg. roast some shitake mushrooms, peppers and aubergine pieces in oven til cooked and bit golden, meantime cook some onions on hob, add in veg from oven a jar of curry sauce (waitrose perfectly balanced thai green curry one is nice but any will do) or if you want to go home made, spoon or two of curry paste and coconut milk, cook for 10 mins, add tofu in, cook for another five or ten mins and voila....v nice.

oh no, misread, well tofu will take on any flavour so marinate it in for eg soy sauce and it will take that on, or some curry paste and lime juice and then proceed as above.

Yorkiegirl Wed 17-Aug-05 14:42:28

Message withdrawn

elsmommy Wed 17-Aug-05 14:48:22

Thanks guys, going to marinade it now

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