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Wine/Chardonnay lovers who want alchol free alternative - please help

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Wills Tue 16-Aug-05 07:45:03

Right! I love my glass of wine in the evening but this has turned into three and am not feeling drunk . Have thought about this and its not the alchol I love its the sophisticated experience. A nice glass, chilled wine etc etc. So.... I figure that if I could find an alchol free alternative I could cut back to the one of +alcohol (for the desired relaxing effect) but then not worry about the follow two afterwards.

So... Any suggestions. Is there really anything out there that will replace my adored chardonnay? Have tried schloer (thinks that how you spell it) - very nice but rather too sweet. Can anyone recommend anything else?

Tommy Tue 16-Aug-05 08:22:45

I quite like lime and soda - bit of lime cordial, fizzy water, maybe some ice, slice of lemon or lime?
I find all those pretend wines much too sweet too

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