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what can i do with an avocado?

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juice Mon 15-Aug-05 17:29:27

i bought one the other day for the first time and i have no idea what to do with it. any ideas will be very appreciated
ta x

Ulysees Mon 15-Aug-05 17:32:11

All I do it half it, take out the stone and put lemon juice and black pepper on it then eat it with a teaspoon. Or you can make guacamole, mash it with chopped toms, chilli, lemon juice, fresh corriander,pepper and salt and eat it with either pitta bread or nachos. Best check on guacamole recipe for ingredients/quantities though as I just make it up myself.

MaloryTowers Mon 15-Aug-05 17:33:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blu Mon 15-Aug-05 17:33:13

Slice it into a salad with tomatoes and a bit of chopped red onion, and olive oil.
Make Guacomole - a lovely spicy dip...recipe will appear any moment!
Mash into a sandwich with a squeeze of lemon and some black pepper
Slice it in half, remove stone and eat with a spoon, maybe with some dressing in the hole.
It goes really well with prawns or ham or smoked salmon...salty things.

It's REALLY good for you, too!

Blu Mon 15-Aug-05 17:33:45

x posted with the guacomole recipe-posters!

Ulysees Mon 15-Aug-05 17:35:05

avocado recipes

juice Mon 15-Aug-05 17:46:37

thank you so much.

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