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the difference in taste of organic veg

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jenk1 Mon 15-Aug-05 12:27:47

my taste buds have just woke up after 33 years, i have just had my first organic bos of veg and i cant believe the taste difference! veg from the supermarket is dull dull dull, peppers so sweet i almost ate a full one right away and i actually ate raw carrott-which for me is amazing! tell me about your organic veg stories please, i am seriousley dtarting to get addicted to the stuff, think im getting obsessed!

piffle Mon 15-Aug-05 12:38:10

ditto the carrots
And the apples skin that you can CHEW!
We got our first box last week too, and the lovely floury yellow potatoes dug two hours before being delivered!

steffee Mon 15-Aug-05 12:39:59

I started at Christmas when the bag of sprouts looked a bit funny when preparing the xmas dinner. We lived out the back of an organic farm shop and the farmer (our landlord) has a stash of stuff in our back garden, so we stole a few brussel sprouts and they were absolutely gorgeous!! Would never buy boring old supermarket veg now lol

jenk1 Mon 15-Aug-05 13:03:45

no wonder i havent like veg up til now-its tasteless! i used to only eat veg when i went abroad to greece or lanzarote cos the veg over there is unreal,but the organic veg is of the same quality IMO

piffle Mon 15-Aug-05 13:05:06

same here I grew up in NZ where we had tons of fruit trees in the garden and fresh meat and veg from the local farmers.
I detest the bland supermarket fruit with yukky plastic skins...

NannyL Mon 15-Aug-05 13:35:40

Oh yes you really CAN tell the difference between organic and non organic veg...

if i was ONLY allowed 1 organic veg i would choose CARROTTS.... quite simply they DO taste diffrent and sooo much better, more 'carrotty'

I also think organic TOMATOES taste much nicer
and orgainc jacket POTATOES are SOOOO much tastier as well.

APPLES (non organic almost 'sting' my lips if you know what i mean)

veg where i personally cant tell the difference so much include
white onions
green beans
corn on the cobs

however as a nanny i do my best to feed my charges as many organic veg as the shop has! (but if theyve sold out we go for 'normal')

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