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High calorie (dairy free) foods for 7 month old??

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goldie12 Sun 14-Aug-05 20:42:37

DS has a milk allergy and since he started solids, weight gain has dropped off. I'm struggling to think of high calorie foods to offer!! Can anyone help?? He can't cope with lumpy stuff yet as he gags and vomits on it!
Thanks in advance

Saacsmum Mon 15-Aug-05 02:43:15

avocado is good, smoothy with bmilk or formula, banana and other fruit mixed in. Casseroles with beef or lamb if he has started on meat yet. My ds has had lots of difficulty with weight gain since starting on solids and apparently it is common for bfeed babies to level off around this point. Hope some of this helps.

Chandra Mon 15-Aug-05 04:45:49

What were you nusing instead of milk? could you use the same for cooking DS's new meals?

Chandra Mon 15-Aug-05 04:46:06

nusing?, using even...

diapergenie Mon 15-Aug-05 11:31:39

I would say coconut, but that might be a whole different ball game with allergies.

aloha Mon 15-Aug-05 12:10:18

How old is he?

jampots Mon 15-Aug-05 12:13:17

i think soya milk can be used from 6 months

Chandra Mon 15-Aug-05 13:07:59

We use rice milk as he has developed an allergy to soya, thinking of high calorie foods... we do lots of diferent rice (which is great to mix with pureed vegetables, mashed potatoes with a bit of rice milk may also help and oats, lots of them

goldie12 Mon 15-Aug-05 13:12:46

Saacsmum- avocado and banana are the ones that sprung to mind with me too! Banana is fine but avocado, he's not so keen on- is it ok mixed with any fruit to sweeten it up a bit?!

DS is 7.5 months and is on Nutramigen. I have just been adding that to his food but just wondered if there was any wonderful calorific foods I was forgetting!

Soya- I'm undecided about as we've been told that around 50% (but don't quote me) of babes with a milk allergy will also have the same reaction to soy. DS' reaction was colitis so REALLY want to avoid a recurrence if poss. {smile]

NannyL Mon 15-Aug-05 17:54:15

what about pasta.... if you 'whizz' it for long enough it gets quite smooth

you can also whizz bolognese type sauces and they DO get really smooth eventually, esp if you then mix it with mash potatoe or similar

can you make custard etc with full fat non dairy milk as well? (i dont know, only ever made it with cows!)

geogteach Mon 15-Aug-05 19:27:57

We are on nutramagen too and saw dietician with just this question last week. Basically told to ensure he gets 20oz a day (he has 3 x 6 oz bottles and 2oz on weetabix), any less than 15 oz to go back. My DS is allergic to soya so that is ruled out but apparently there is a margerine called pure which has no dairy or soya which I was recomended to mix into his food to add calories, I was advised not to bother with rice milk as it didn't contain enough calories, DS ate avocado last week mixed with scrambled egg so you could try that.

goldie12 Mon 15-Aug-05 20:49:36

geogteach- thanks for that! Is your DS a similar age? I phoned the dietician today and they gave me the same advise about 'Pure' - I went to get some this afternoon. She also prescribed some Polycal to put in his bottles as a short term answer for his lack of weight gain. He has actually lost a few oz as he refused solids for a fortnight a couple of weeks ago. Anyone any experience with this 'Polycal'?!
Scrambled eggs and avocado sounds great though we haven't given him egg yet.

geogteach Tue 16-Aug-05 09:04:56

DS2 is 10 months today, he eats for england which is a change after my other 2 kids who were not fussed about solids at this age, he doesn't crawl yet though so although he hasn't actually lost weight yet I know it may happen once he is more active

Chandra Tue 16-Aug-05 09:44:57

I would say to avoid egg during the first year when there's a history of allergies. We avoided it until 18m and still was no good, he is 2.6 now and still can't eat egg (in its pure form) without a reaction.

vivie Tue 16-Aug-05 21:23:01

My boys (2.9 and 9 months) are dairy and egg free and I struggle to think of calorie rich food for them too, especially puddings. When I cook stews etc for them I put far more olive oil in than I would for adults, and I use fattier cuts of meat, like lamb shoulder and minced beef too. When I do mashed potato I use loads of olive oil too, and one of their faves is roasted sweet potato (small cubes, coat in oil, about 30 mins in a medium oven, makes great finger food). Their favourite pudding is rice pudding which I make using the recipe on the packet of pudding rice but using soya milk instead of cows. It also works with Wysoy but I don't think you can cook with Nutramigen. This is really popular with a big dollop of jam.

I use the Pure spread and make sure I slather it on their toast, but I'm always a bit suspicious of margerine - it seems very processed and I'm sure butter would be healthier, and I wouldn't eat it myself because it tastes so revolting. The boys don't seem to care though.

Oily fish is a good thing to try too. Small tins of sardines, mackerel, tuna etc in oil mashed into a baked potato or spread on toast makes a cheap, quick and nutritious meal with some slices of tomato, peppers or whatever. I told ds1 that mackerel was his grandad's favourite and he loves it. If I can be bothered I make little fishcakes with the fish, potato and a bit of sping onion and sweetcorn then fried up. Ds2 loves them because he can pretty much eat them by himself.

I was advised (by paed dietician) to avoid egg until baby was 12 months old.

donnacb Fri 19-Aug-05 09:41:56

Hi my ds is 7 months and the same prob has now dropped to the 2nd centile. He is still breast feeding as he wont take a bottle and hates nutrimigen. However if peeps want i do have recipes for nutrimigen yoghurt fromage frais and others that the dietician has given me. I wont type them now as long recipes and slow typer but if peeps would like i will type and post them. will kep checking the thread to see.

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