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Pee ingredient with aubergine

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Papillon Sun 14-Aug-05 17:10:25

Threre you have it finally a use for the stuff


Ingredients :
3 good aubergines
3 tomatoes
1 lettuce
150g onion
2 tablespoons olive oil
4 pots full-fat yoghurt
3 tablespoon chopped parsley
6 mint leaves
Salt & pepper

Recipe :
Peel and slice aubergines and steam for 15 minutes.
Leave to cool.
While cooling, chop onions and pee, seed and dice tomatoes.
Chop herbs and put to one side.
Mix the olive oil, yoghurt, chopped herbs, salt and pepper in a bowl, to make a sauce.
Add the aubergines, onions and tomatoes.
Stir carefully and serve on a bed of lettuce.

hunkermunker Sun 14-Aug-05 17:11:48

How does one chop pee?

SaintGeorge Sun 14-Aug-05 17:12:28

Freeze it first maybe?

hunkermunker Sun 14-Aug-05 17:12:49

SG, that's logical. Gross, but logical

Papillon Sun 14-Aug-05 17:13:09

perhaps chop onions while you pee - maybe it must remain warm for dish to work?

Papillon Sun 14-Aug-05 17:13:42

that is logical
hi SG

SaintGeorge Sun 14-Aug-05 17:14:23

You could just do what they did in CSI the other night - drink it from a wine glass [grossed out completely emoticon]

SaintGeorge Sun 14-Aug-05 17:15:08

Hiya paps

How are you my lovely friend? Blooming I hope.

Papillon Sun 14-Aug-05 18:10:29

I am very well SG and yes blooming apparently sending my sister a recent pic and she said how well pregnancy suited me.

The aubergine pee was very tasty btw - just had it for tea! dh was not so sure but said it was more a texture thing.

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