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Flr! bulk cooking and reheating question

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Lmccrean Sun 14-Aug-05 14:44:02

flr - some things can be heated from frozen - after all, thats what you do with most convenience food! some foods you half cook before freezing and put in oven to finsh cooking before serving. the rest you just leave out night before, or that morning.

not sure what kinda meals you normally make, but thers some great recipies online - some are crappy and look and taste like convenience foods - others are really nice..check out delia online and sainsburys website for some ideas. delias recipies arent, on the whole, my sorta thing but her Boeuf Bourguignon is to die for (and Im making it tonight!) as is the Poor Mans Stroganoff. Can freeze them both as long as you do it before adding the creme fraiche (add it when reheating) She does a "big freeze" ebook but you may wish just to look for ways to adjust the meals you already make so that they can be frozen.

Flr Sun 14-Aug-05 14:58:10


thanks babe

am phobic about food poisoning cos my maternal grandmother died of it

will try st delia

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