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what are you having for dinner - inspire me pls

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Thomcat Sun 14-Aug-05 09:29:11

Slightly out of the habit, first pregnancy made me not feel like slaving over a hot stove, then a holiday, then a music festival. Back in the mood now for soem home cooked food. I can't think what though. Weather is so rubbish I can't really decide what to do, it all either seems to wintery and it's supposed to be summer, or it's too summery a meal for such an overcast day.

What are you having?

littlerach Sun 14-Aug-05 09:37:02

Jacket potatoes. And salad for the summer factor!

It is sunny here at the moment, though it poured last night....whilst we were at a BBQ!

Enid Sun 14-Aug-05 09:39:33

I had loads of lamb chops in the freezer so I made a huge lamb tagine with them - we had it last night with couscous and salad and will prob be having it tonight too! Comforting enough for the cold winds but still feels vaguely summery.

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 14-Aug-05 09:52:07

We are having roast organic chicken, DH is going to stuff the breast with lemons and then fresh seasonal veg.

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 14-Aug-05 09:53:47

Though, if this weather keeps up I will be negotiating for roast potatoes and yorkshire pudding.

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 14-Aug-05 10:01:28

Just turned the heating on

fairydust Sun 14-Aug-05 10:04:15

chilli chicken with garlic roasted potoatoes and salad here.

sobernow Sun 14-Aug-05 10:05:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flamesparrow Sun 14-Aug-05 10:06:11

Asda beef stroganof thingy (2 for £5) - you just chuck it all in a wok. With mixed veg (baby sweetcorn, mangetout etc), and rice.

Tasty and easy

Thomcat Sun 14-Aug-05 10:36:47

Hmmm, maybe a roast chicken with a salad would be good?????

fireflyfairy2 Sun 14-Aug-05 10:42:14

Stuffed roast chicken, roast spuds, boiled spuds, and veg... and gravy It's raining here so i like a nice warm dinner

jenk1 Sun 14-Aug-05 12:04:00

roast lamb organic veg-the works

hermykne Sun 14-Aug-05 12:05:38

dd thinks prawns are chicken so its a good way to get her to eat fish

plus its only one big utensil to clean

jayzmummy Sun 14-Aug-05 12:06:54

Going to the pub for lunch after we have been to the beach for a stroll.

moondog Sun 14-Aug-05 12:19:26

Kebab,salad and flatbread.
(It's boiling here in Turkey-too hot. The idea of adrizzly Sunday in with the papers really appeals..)

steffee Sun 14-Aug-05 13:04:14

Packet of crisps and apple pie biscuits - but I'm home alone

lucy5 Sun 14-Aug-05 13:19:14

Oh god moondog, I sympathise, its bloody boiling in Sapin too. I was reading a post the other day about someone going away for christmas and wrapping up warm for a blustering walk on the beach. It made me feel homesick.

Tonight we are going to a beach bar for dinner so i'll be having paella with my dd, like hermy says it's a good way of sneaking in fish for dd.

lucy5 Sun 14-Aug-05 13:20:02

or even Spain,

NomDePlume Sun 14-Aug-05 13:43:49

Roast rib of beef, yorkshire pud, roast potatoes, honey roasted parsnips & baby carrots, peas, corn on the cob and DH's gorgeous, rich red-wine gravy. Yummy. I'm sooooooooooo hungry

MummyJules Sun 14-Aug-05 17:10:54

Having a healthyish fry up with some yummy organic sausages and Black pudding that DP's mother has brought over, home made hash browns, mushroooms, baked beans and eggs to enjoy while watching Big Brother reunion!

wheresmyfroggy Sun 14-Aug-05 17:13:31

Sheperds pie for us tonight

Everyones favourite in this house

Easy Sun 14-Aug-05 17:19:41

Lasagne tonite, as dh made a huge bucketful of bolognese sauce on Friday.

Often on Sunday we have chicken risotto, or peaella, or fahitas as they are all ds's favourites, and it is the one time in the week I can guarantee we will all sit at the table together, and it's such a pleasure watching him clear his plate, and thanking us for his food.

When autumn comes, we'll probably revert to trad. roast and veg I guess.

Gobbledigook Sun 14-Aug-05 17:30:47

Kids - tuna pasta
DH - leftover lasagne from yesterday
Me - fish fingers, chips and beans

No food in, need to online shop tonight!

hercules Sun 14-Aug-05 17:55:56

Dh is making a mutton curry.

Milge Sun 14-Aug-05 17:59:56

TC, try Jamie Olivers lemon chicken recipe here YUM! How are you, btw? not seen you on for ages!

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