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Does anybody know if popcorn is nutritious snack

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arabella2 Tue 15-Jul-03 18:17:45

as I am planning to give some to ds (19 months).

tinyfeet Tue 15-Jul-03 18:26:50

I think it's fine to give it, but beware choking. Also, to answer your question, I don't think it has much nutritional value, but my DD loves it.

codswallop Tue 15-Jul-03 19:29:14

we have a duck popcorn maker - it is very effective and really funny when it comes out of the beak

anais Tue 15-Jul-03 19:32:38

I think 'they' actually recommend that you don't feed it to under-2's. but like Tinyfeet said the main concern (I believe) is choking.

runragged Tue 15-Jul-03 20:06:17

I don't think it's unhealthy but I agree with anais, there is a risk of choking I alsway end up with bits in my mouth(!) so I would be careful

Oakmaiden Tue 15-Jul-03 22:17:07

Message withdrawn

bloss Wed 16-Jul-03 00:39:11

Message withdrawn

snickers Fri 18-Jul-03 11:17:43

I once heard a news story about a woman in America who lived on nothing but popcorn for a year! For what THAT's worth (not sure I quite believed it though!!)

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