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how do i get custard to set on trifle

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OnEdge Fri 11-Jun-10 10:19:42

What is the best way of getting the custard to set on the trifle? (minimum fuss required to if poss)

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 11-Jun-10 10:31:38

it should set fairly quickly on it's own - ime - is it real custard ? make it quite thick

janeite Fri 11-Jun-10 18:51:08

Set? I don't think custard does set as it is a liquid. If you're making it from scratch, use less milk maybe? I must admit, I just buy a tub of decent stuff with bits of vanilla in and pour it over so that it runs through the gaps in between the cake pieces.

duckyfuzz Fri 11-Jun-10 19:00:52

make it a bit thicker than usual and leave it in the fridge, overnight if poss

runnybottom Fri 11-Jun-10 19:23:05

Its a non-newtonian liquid though, being thixotropic and acting also as a solid.

LowLevelWhinging Fri 11-Jun-10 19:24:52

<deeply impressed with runnybottom's custardy knowledge> smile

thisisyesterday Fri 11-Jun-10 19:26:15

tis true, if you have enough you can run across it a la Jesus. but a bit more yellow

janeite Fri 11-Jun-10 19:28:58

I so want to run across custard - it sounds great!

runnybottom Fri 11-Jun-10 19:30:18

Dessert: my specialist subject! blush

cybbo Fri 11-Jun-10 19:42:15

you make it first then tip it on dont you?

Or in my case, open carton of Ambrosia and tip it on

you need BALD. She's the MN trifle chamion

Oblomov Fri 11-Jun-10 19:46:34

set ? why would it need to set ? it turns out lovely, whether you use ambroisia box or home made. it just solidifies a tiny bit and turns out lovely.

thisisyesterday Fri 11-Jun-10 19:48:18

yes, you make it and then tip it on.
ambrosia will obviously never set though

taffetacat Fri 11-Jun-10 19:49:30

Reminds me of my Mum's trifle. She used Birds from a packet. We cut the trifle with a knife. grin

Strawbezza Sun 13-Jun-10 15:39:27

For trifle custard I follow the recipe on the side of the Bird's custard powder tub, but only use 1/2 pint of milk instead of 1 whole pint. The custard turns out lovely and thick, leave it to cool before pouring it on the trifle and it is perfect.

satc2bringiton Sun 13-Jun-10 16:09:18

I don't think Ambrosia is great straight from the tin, too runny.

My MIL whips up some double cream (quite stiff) and then mix's in a tim of Ambrosia. Comes out great and tastes lovely.

OnEdge Mon 14-Jun-10 06:35:36

Many thanks.

happycopter Mon 14-Jun-10 06:40:57

Sorry, I have nothing knowledgeable to add, but am sat here PMSL because obviously I've been on MN too long (not even two full years ) because what I read the title of the OP as was

how do you get custardo to sit on a trifle

and that's why I clicked on it...

<wipes away tears of laughter at the thought of someone engineering Custy to sit on a trifle>

<goes off to get a life>

dcowriter160 Tue 30-Dec-14 20:38:57

My instant custard - quite thick when I made it - turned to water overnight and when I picked up the trifle the liquid flew everywhere .. it just wasn't custard any more. Maybe one can't use instant - ie, hot water ... custard on trifle, unless u r going to eat it instantly? It certainly doesn't set and changes completely .. has to be tipped off the top straight down the sink. I'll stick to buying trifles in future. Too much trouble.

WUME Fri 02-Jan-15 15:50:32

Zombie thread.

But reading it made me realise ... where has boysarelikedogs gone?

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