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Too much Chilli??? Help

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katymac Wed 10-Aug-05 14:14:49

I've used too much chilli is there anything I can do to cut it, or make it milder??

I don't want to throw it away

soapbox Wed 10-Aug-05 14:16:45

Usually sugar is the counter to chilli, or yoghurt or coconut milk

Marina Wed 10-Aug-05 14:46:46

In what? Con carne? If you have any more mince and tomatoes available I guess doubling the quantities without adding more seasoning might help.
Or you could call for El Nombre...!

Millie1 Wed 10-Aug-05 15:05:30

If it's for the kids, how about adding a dollop of creme fraiche or greek yogurt to theirs just before serving - and mix with loads of rice or whatever.

moondog Wed 10-Aug-05 15:07:44

Good tip: if you get chilli in your eyes,rub yours (or someone else's hair in them.) The natural oil counterracts it.

My children eat a lot of stuff with chilli in it (as I love it) and we do the yoghurt thing.

gingerbear Wed 10-Aug-05 15:13:05

add lime or lemon juice and sugar, or if chilli con carne, cdrinking chocolate / cocoa powder.

katymac Thu 11-Aug-05 07:33:10

Thanks you all - I appreciate your help

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