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Salmon recipes needed

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MaggieW Wed 10-Aug-05 08:08:36

DS,3, loves salmon but DD, 2, not so keen. Need some inspiration for recipes to make it more interesting please. Thanks.

mandymoo Sat 13-Aug-05 16:19:59

Salmon Risotto
Salmon Fishcakes
Salmon creamy pasta

DD (2.8) loves Salmon too but find it boring on its own. She loves the above recipes. HTH X

sallystrawberry Sat 13-Aug-05 16:52:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mancmum Sat 13-Aug-05 17:01:33

mix cubes of salmon with creme fraiche and some chopped herbs if you can get away with it! then put on a pastry lid and bake for 25 minutes in hot oven... lovely!

MarsLady Sat 13-Aug-05 17:04:49

do they like prawns?

Alipiggie Sat 13-Aug-05 17:09:24

See if you can buy, fresh smoked salmon fillets, cook in oven in foil with fresh herbs for 17 mins. DS2 aged 2 eats a whole fillet. It has more flavour than normal salmon. Tesco in Scotland sells it, so maybe Tesco anywhere else might stock it

Niddlynono Sat 13-Aug-05 18:25:48

DS (2.10) and I have just had salmon which I covered with a mixture of sweet chilli sauce, fish sauce, red Thai curry paste, ginger and garlic and cooked in the over for 20 minutes. He cleaned his plate.

An easier version is just marinade it in sweet chill sauce and grill/George Foreman it.

Twiglett Sat 13-Aug-05 18:30:10

flake poached salmon, mix with cooked pasta (the big round ones), pot of full fat plain yoghurt, those chives you get in tubes, bit of black pepper and splash of lemon juice .. put in fridge .. its yummy

vickiyumyum Sat 13-Aug-05 18:35:12

not the one i tried today! see my thread about what did i do wrong?

salmon with pasta in a white wine, cream and dill sauce. when at reataurant very nice when i tried to recreate at home. disgusting!

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